“Our Sorrows and Silence” Means what?

When I read the chapter “Magpies” in The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, two things struck in my mind very hard as I had experiences those in my real life. First one is that our sorrows are the reason of others happiness and the other is that our silence reflects our weakness and docility.

I have seen it to be true in many cases that whenever we cry and express our sorrows, it gives pleasure to the other person, one way or another. If the person is the one who is the reason of our sorrows, then it certainly makes him or her happy that his or her intention eventually works out. On the other hand, if we are expressing our sorrows to someone we consider our friends, it will also give them pleasure as they will find out how happy they are than us. Therefore, it always comes out to be true that one’s misery, sorrow, and frustration is always the reason or related to other’s happiness, pleasure, joy, and success.

Once, one of my very good friends was telling me about her life’s sorrows and frustration. She was very upset with her parent’s high expectations and her cousin’s humiliation as she wasn’t a very good student. Although I didn’t mean to be happy for her sorrows, hearing her problem I felt a strange happiness for me since I didn’t have parents and cousins like her. Now, I can certainly realize that day my joys were feeding on her sorrows even though I didn’t mean that to be.

The second one is that whenever we remain silent against any injustice or wrong things, through that we are proving our helplessness and weakness. In other sense, we are also expressing our submission for that wrong and injustice. In our culture we have a saying that, “The person who do the injustice and the person who tolerates it is equally guilty.” Therefore, we should speak up whenever we see anything wrong happens. It is also a way to reflect that we are not weak or vulnerable.

For example, in my school, I have always seen that students are more tend to irritate or to bully those students who are quite and don’t say or do anything in return. On the other hand, everybody used to stay away from those who have voice and can defend themselves.

Therefore, I think it is very important for us to learn to have control over our emotions and sorrows, so that we won’t give others any chance to have joy and pleasure on our misery. And we should always try to speak our mind and stand for our right, so that we won’t be treated as weak.


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