Mother’s love

Love is one of the most exceptional powers that a mother possesses. Mother is forgiving as nature, and unselfish like a tree. Sometimes the children do not realize that this unselfish love of their mother is only for them not for her or anything else. The example of mother’s love is greatly expressed in Jing-Mei woo‘s “Best Quality.”

Jing-Mei Woo’s mother gives her a jade pendant on a gold chain after a crab dinner celebrating Chinese New Year because her mother recognizes Jing-Mei’s selfless nature. She tells her it is her “Life’s importance.” The absence of her mother makes her understand about life’s importance, to help her understand her grief. She realizes that even though the pendant is a very light colour, but when anyone wore it everyday it would become greener.

This evidence is the complete reflection of Jing-Mei Woo’s mother’s perception and understanding that helps Jing-Mei Woo to understand and feel her mother’s feelings and love what she needs in her future.

Waverly every time wants to insult Jing-Mei Woo. On that crab dinner, her mother disgraces her saying she is not sophisticated like Waverly and must be born in this way. She felt embarrassed thinking she has been overcome by Waverly once again and misled by her mother. At last, her mother highly encouraged not to listen to Waverly and compared her to that crab which is with the missing leg. She suggested to stop listening to others’ words, her surroundings which will hamper to gain her aim and advised to use other ways using her own strategy.

From this evidence, it is obvious that Jing-Mei’s mother has the quality to perceive the various growths phase of Jing-Mei and change accordingly.

On that crab dinner, Jing Mei’s mother does not take that crab with the missing leg for her dinner, and also when Jing Mei wants that crab she prohibited her from taking that one, because she knows very well that a missing leg is a bad sign on a Chinese new year. She tries to make her understand that what something is good it is wise to save it and what something is bad it is wise to leave it. She strongly recommends her to try to choose the best quality.

All above things prove that Jing Mei’s mother is a person of flexibility where she will form herself to the needs and wants of her daughter, but at the same time remains strict and strong to guide her daughter as to what is the best for her and her future.

When we consider all these, we understand the greatness and the incredibly superlative qualities of a mother.


One Response to Mother’s love

  1. dorjiom says:

    I agree with you Papun that mothers can doe anything for their children’s happiness. Mothers always care, love and guide their children. However, most of the children take mother as a granted and never know her value until she disappears forever. Yes, June’s mother is a epitome of a good mother. She posses almost all the attributes that a good mother should have. Papun, can you elaborate, what you mean to say in the sixth paragraph esp. last two lines. I got some ideas but i’am dubious about my ideas.

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