Joy Luck club

The ability to presume what is going to happen in the family by observing the changes that are occurring around—that was what Lena’s mother, Ying Ying St. Clair, use to do and in most cases she was correct. Whatever she told turned out to come true! And she had once told Lena that she would marry a bad husband. Lena married Harold and for the first few years Lena proved her mother wrong. She loved him and he did too. But later she gets divorced from him—once again what her mother had told came true. Ying Ying did not like the way they lived, particularly the house and its interior designs and also the way they maintained the lists of items that they buy and the cost of every single item. They lived in the same house and were husband and wife but still maintained their own expenses.

The system of maintaining our own expenses seems good to me, in a way. Why to bother others with your own expenditure. You can see it by keeping yourself in their shoe too. How would you feel if you have to pay for someone else’s cost? Would you like to be responsible for other’s everyday expenditure?  You would not want that, you would prefer to pay for yourself and expect others to pay for themselves too. For once or for twice one would help but again and again, no one would like that. Moreover, paying for someone else would make the other, for whom you pay, be dependent on you in future.

But here in Lena’s case it’s between a husband and a wife and I think they should maintain their personal expenses (if they want to) but it looks unfair, or I better say odd that a couple maintaining bills for the things they purchase. But again here there is slight unequal purchase between them. Lena buys all the stuffs that are used by both like kitchen items, eatables like chicken, bread and other groceries but Harold buys the things that mean only to him like garage stuff, car stuff movies, gas and at times dinner. It is good to maintain such notes of expenditure one makes to keep in track how much you earn and how much you have spend. One can also accordingly plan how much to save for the future too.  But to note of those little things such as eating ice-cream and the price for dinner, etc. would create an uneasy atmosphere. It shows that they don’t trust each other and there isn’t a strong bond between them.

One Response to Joy Luck club

  1. tasnia says:

    Dear Yoge, I think that you are right. It’s good that the husband and the wife share the expenses. It makes them share their all happiness and sorrow to each other, but what Herald does with Lena is wrong. He only shares the expenses, but does not about Lena well which makes their married life unhappy.

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