Is sharing happiness and sorrows harmful?

We all can see two parts of life. One is bright and another is dark. The brightest part reflects the happiness of life and darkest part reflects the sorrow of life. Happiness and sorrow always walk side by side. Indeed, human life is full of happiness and darkness.  Everyone have to compromise with them.

We often share our happiness with our friends and family members, but we never share our sorrow with others. Everyone believes that if we share our happiness, it will make it double and replace the sorrow. Therefore, there is no place for sadness. It helps human to create interest to live and make much more. I believe like sharing happiness, sharing sorrow is effective for human life. It helps a person to release those bad events that hurts you silently. Sharing sorrow means dividing our sorrows in several pieces and throwing outside of our heart. On the other hand, if someone instead of sharing keeps those inside it will grow bigger and bigger day by day. And when it replaces the happiness, one day it will burst with a bad consequence.

The chapter Magpies, in the novel Joy Luck Club -written by Amy Tan- An-mei’s mother taught her not to show her tears to anyone. From her childhood she learned how to hide her grief. Her mother never shows her sorrows to others. She accepts every sorrow as her fate and remained her pain unknown to others. Her pain killed her every day. Lastly, she died by committing suicide.

I heard a true story of a boy who was a medical student. His name was Madhusudon (prothom-alo). He was the only son of his parents. In character, he was quite and an introvert student. He never shared his sadness to his friends. Madhusudon was born with a problem of speaking. He was a stammer. In medical college his teachers always discourages him to be a doctor because he can’t speak as a normal person can. Sometimes, friends also tease him. He never told these things to anyone. Lastly, he committed suicide.

These two stories provide the same massage that never let your sorrow to rule over your happiness. If so than the consequence will be terrible. When you have something painful in your life, you should not hide them. Speak up and let other people know why you are upset.


About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Is sharing happiness and sorrows harmful?

  1. You are right Iratahmid, happiness and sorrow are the two sides of our life. The story of the medical student was really sad. May be he did not have anyone to share his feelings with that he couldnot share his sorrow with. I think a person can be happy only if he can share his misery and happiness with some one to whom he trusts and it’s really difficult to find people whom you can trust.

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