What do you think about when you eat meat?

What are your favorite dishes? When you go to cafeteria, which recipes do you look at, non-vegetarian or vegetarian? How do you feel when a plate full of chicken hot pepper or mix meat sandwich is offered to you? By asking such questions, I don’t mean to criticize you or show my altruistic heart. It’s just that I am interested in sharing my opinions and knowing your opinions regarding other living creatures.

When I read “Best Quality,” one of the chapters from The Joy luck Club written by Amy Tan, I was especially distracted or taken away from the story to another topic by the a paragraph that describes how ten alive crabs are put in hot boiling water and made them to struggle for their death. I really felt indignant and wished to put the ruthless Suyuan Woo, one who cooked the crabs, into hot water  and let her feel the pain. It was mentioned that even her daughter, June, couldn’t bear to watch it; she went out of the kitchen when she saw her mother  grabbing the crabs by their backs and letting crabs to flex their legs in midair between sink and the stove (225).

I think we don’t have any rights to assail or kill other living creatures just because we are human beings and we know how to think and talk.  Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, said that all the living beings, starting from tiny ants to huge elephants, living on this earth had once been our parents; therefore, we should pay respect and love them. I strongly endorse it, no matter whether it is true or not.

Some non-vegetarian people said that they eat meat because it has been one of the delicious and special food items everywhere in the world. Moreover, it keeps us healthy as we get lots of nutrients for it. Do you agree with it? Don’t we have any other alternatives? Is it legitimate reason to take away other living being’s life to keep oneself healthy? How animals are considered according to your religion?

Do you eat meat of dead animals? In “Best Quality,” the mother, Suyuan Woo, didn’t eat the meat of a dead crab with a missing leg. One of the reasons why she didn’t eat it was because it tasted bad that even beggar wouldn’t eat it (234). However, according my religion, we can eat meat of dead animals. It is not considered as a sin. How about your opinion?

5 Responses to What do you think about when you eat meat?

  1. I too support your feelings towards other creatures, but why don’t we visualize the same thing in next point of view. We all know that humans and other creatures’ life are possible on earth due to food chain. For the continuity of life on earth, one creature must kill another creature in order that creature get food and can be food for another creature. This is the rule of nature and all should follow this rule so that all the creatures can exist in this earth including humans.

    • dorjiom says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, we need to maintain ecosystem. However, remember that we human beings are omnivores; we have can live a healthy life without eating meat. in the case of animals, there is no choice for carnivorous animals. They have to depend upon each other for food and I accept it as a nature. I don’t think it will affect our ecosystem if all the people stop eating meat. It is because due to increase in population, forest degradation is taking place everywhere. Many animals have become endangered species. Therefore, I don’t think it’s a rule of nature for human beings to eat meat. It’s our greediness and selfishness.

      • Dear Dorji:
        I am very happy by reading your blog because I also think like you. I also want to give my opinion to my classmates. It’s only my opinion, so please don’t be angry with me.
        I am completely agree with you. I also have same feeling when I was reading that chapter. I don’t like that Animals are killed by human for food. There are many options other than eating meat, but why they kill them? In addition to this chapter, I also felt indignant by reading the epic poem The Iliad that animals were slaughtering for showing respect to the gods. Animals are also made by The God then why The God want kill his own creature? His love is same for animals and human beings because both are made by him. However, Gods of Greece had different feeling than our Gods. Nowadays, some people sacrifice animals for religious purpose, but our religion says that kill the animal habits that is inside you; don’t kill animal. Animals habits are that they are not altruistic. They do everything for themselves, and don’t care about other animals. Therefore, our God said that don’t do like animals. If we have animal characteristics, then just sacrifice those qualities.He don’t want any animals.

  2. shinyday14 says:

    Hello dear friends.
    Reading your ideas, I remembered my own opinion. To be honest, sometimes I do think about the reason of eating animals too. They are the same as us, they like their lives. Why we kill them and eat them? Yes, as my friend has said, this is the rule of nature. You eat other animals to live and it happens everywhere and every time. However, you believe that we can survive without eating meat. It is true but you have forgotten something. If you mean that we can survive by eating only vegetables, I would like to ask, don’t you think even plants are alive? They breath, they make food for themselves, and they compete with each other. Why we eat plants and vegetables? We shouldn’t eat any of them. But, wait a minute. Is this possible not to eat any of them? How about ourselves? If we don’t eat anything we will die! We are alive too. We have the right to live too. Don’t you think so? (Actually, I did like to answer your question but I couldn’t because it was my question too.)
    Another thing to say is that in one case I do accompany you. I did feel the same when Jing-mei’s mother cooked those poor crabs alive. It is against humanity and moral. I do admit that we kill animals and eat them, but it is good to know that in our religion we are strongly forbidden from harming any living creature. Even killing animals for eating has especial rules, which we should follow. For example, we are requested to water the animal before killing it, or it is contempt to kill any animal in front of the other animals’ eyes because it will scare them. I know my comment might have made you puzzled more because I haven’t answered your question and even I have added more. However, I think sometimes it is good to ask questions because it will help us understand more. I hope I can find the reason that why we are allowed to eat animals.

    • dorjiom says:

      Yes, Zahra i agree with you that plants are also living alive. However, I think we cannot equate animals with plants. Animals have very sensitive nervous system like we human beings. Many of them can feel our feelings. They always try to escape from death. It’s just that they don’t have sophisticated brain like we human beings. About the plants, i think we don’t actually kill them. Most of them can regrow if we leave the roots in the soil. Some plants we harvest only after their death. Fruits are meant for eating. It will get rotten even if we don’t eat. For a person like me, I really hate to see blood. My mind gets disturbed when i see people pulling animals to take them in market and animals refusing to go with them. Last time when i went out for shopping, i saw a man pulling cows. I don’t know where he was taking the cows but when i look at the cows, i saw them crying. Their buttocks n legs were made dirty with their watery feast. According to Buddhist religion, animals can sense their death beforehand. They cry a lot and show expressions but they cannot pour the pain out like we human beings. I saw that pain in those cows’ eyes. I felt helpless and sorry. I believe that doing something is better than nothing. Therefore, if we stop eating meat, at least some lives will be extended. I accepted that animals kill each other for food because it’s nature and they don’t have any other alternatives. similarly, we human beings also don’t have any other choices to replace plants. However, we can replace meat by plants.

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