Education- Still a Dream for Many.

While reading the “Wide Angle”, I happened to remember the people in my country who do not have access to education due to various factors. Examples from India, Kenya, Romania, and other countries are just a sample. This is not just a problem of specific community or a nation. Millions of people are not literate throughout the world. Not only the problem is common, but also factors that come into the way of being educated are also common throughout the world to some extent. Some common hindrances are poverty, lack of infrastructures and manpower, child labor, early marriage, family problem, war and so on. Everywhere and every day lots of speeches are delivered on the importance of education and young generation. Moreover, many policies are made to decrease illiteracy rate by the government of each nation, but implementing those policies strictly is what the nations fail to do. Nepal can be taken as an example of this problem. Having literacy rate of 58%, Nepal has made different policies and trying its best to educate its citizens in order to decrease illiteracy rate. As a result, literacy rate has been increased noticeably in past years, yet the goals are not meet as it was supposed to be. Economic as well as political aspect of any nation plays vital roles in providing support or being hindrance in people’s way of getting education. In Nepal, the government has declared the primary education free. Moreover, books are also distributed for free in government schools. But fees are not totally free. Some portion of fee is still needed to be paid by the students. This issue has really created a conflict among the poor parents’ committee and the government side. Though government had tried to make education free, nation’s economic condition doesn’t favor the willingness. This type of problem, I think, is faced by many countries as well.
I not only thought of my country’s people who have been deprived of education due to such barriers, but I could refrain myself from remembering my days after my high school. If I were not rewarded with scholarship at AUW, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my higher studies further because my family’s economic background is really poor and I wouldn’t have been able to pay for my higher studies. I feel lucky to have supportive family and to be at AUW but not all the people in this world are lucky like me. Many of them are even cannot recognize alphabets. I feel really sad for those people. Even though I want, I am not able to do anything except praying for them to be lucky like me and those characters of transcript, that we read, get opportunity to get education.

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