Which Ones are the Real, Gods?

       The Iliad is an epic poem written by Homer which explains the incidents of the Trojan War. This epic was written around 3195 years ago. It was a war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The main cause of the war is the abduction of Helena, wife of Menelaus, by Paris, a Trojan. In order to get back their queen from Troy, the Greeks invade Troy where there are many interventions by the gods. This epic introduces the meaning and traits of the gods at that time. It is different from what we believe now. I, too, have my own perspective in how a god ought to be according to its appearance and power. 

My concepts and beliefs related to the gods have been solidified due to the teachings of my religion and my parents’ beliefs. However, it is different from the gods of ancient Greece. I have always believed that the gods are invisible and the concept of the gods is a belief to continue your life in a specific way. Nonetheless, the gods of that time were visible to some people who they could interact with. For instance, Achilles, a soldier of Greece, has a conversation with Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, crafts and battle. In addition, our prayer does not have any relation with what we are offering to the gods in order to reach them. We just pray with a thought that the gods would help to make our wish come true. In ancient times, if one was to offer something to the gods which would make them happy, then the wishes were to come true. In this case, the gods of that time seem to be selfish whereas the gods at the present time who are meant to endure their life in giving rather than taking have been altruistic gods. Another comparison is that the gods of Greek, at that time maintained internal politics in order to get victory as well as accomplish one’s plans, but what I know is that gods have the purest heart which is full of love and respect for each other.  For an example, in Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama never played tricks which could hurt anyone but respected all beings. Therefore, gods in ancient times were like human beings having a nature with greed, rivalry, and selfishness, but today’s gods are opposite, an epitome of goodness.

One Response to Which Ones are the Real, Gods?

  1. tdenkar says:

    Well, you have differentiated your Gods with the Greek gods. I also agree with you. When i read the Iliad poem, i had the same feeling that the Greek Gods were totallly ironical to my concept of what Gods and Goddess are. From my point of view, i can say that the Greek Gods were the main source from where the war started and many people were killed during the war. They had hatred towards each other witihn themselves. In addition, i have the belief that Gods are pure and are always dedicated to religious matters. They never pay attention to lust and sexual attractions. However, the Greek god Zeus have sexual intercurse with every beautiful females. And the worst part is that the god Zeus is married to his own sister. thats very absurd and embarrasing side of the Greek gods. Thus, my view of Gods are totally different from those ancient Greek Gods.

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