Two Kinds and The Teachings Behind That

The story “Two Kinds” by Jing Mei Woo represents several meanings to the reader through the piano and the ability and the practice taken to play the piano.  But here, I would like to point out the direct meaning of “Pleading Child” and “Perfectly Contented” were the two halves of the same song.

The direct meaning of this is that they were both the same halves of the same song even though they were placed in the opposite directions to each other in the piano, one in the right hand side and the other in the left hand side.  This gives us the idea that each of them cannot be played individually.  If they were played individually, they will be meaningless and no effectiveness.

However, I suppose that we can interpret this in another way and to see the main point of this story.  We could interpret this in another form that could highlight the mother and the daughter comparing their behaviors that is essential to lead a perfect life. One main difference is that the mother is a hopeful person while the daughter is a hopeless person, which means, she wants everything to happen sooner because she does not want to waste time by waiting for that event.  The next is that the mother was obedient to her mother, whereas Jing Mei is disobedient to her mother.  This depicts the two kinds of daughters.  In both cases, both mother and Jing Mei have to have each other’s characters. Since each of them is having two opposite characters and they don’t coincide with the idea, it won’t bring success. For example, if Jing Mei had the interest, hope and quality of obeying her mother, then could have practiced piano effectively and she would not have been embarrassed during the concert.  Only her mother’s plan cannot bring Mei the success. Her interest and effort take the biggest percentage of her success.  She should have tried that a little bit and she could have given it up only if she failed to pick it up.

Ultimately, this reveals that there should be two different characters in the same person to bring their effort a success like the piano should have both the ends played properly to see the real beauty of the art of piano. Since Mei lacked this quality, she failed to perform well.

One Response to Two Kinds and The Teachings Behind That

  1. papunauw says:

    Dear Mumtaj,
    Yes, you are right. I agree with you. You have created a very thoughtful connection to your response on “Two Kinds.”
    I am very glad to know that you have realized that if someone has no interest and passion on their work and who is not obedient to their mothers, it is not possible to reach their goal. One’s interest and hope can play a great role in his or her success.

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