The power of a Mother

                When I read the chapter “Four Directions” of the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, I am surprised of the power of a mother. Waverly describes thoroughly about her mother’s contributions in her entire life. For her whole life she thought her mother as her enemy, and she accused her mother of her bad luck. When she used to play chess, her mother liked to show off her to the people. Waverly couldn’t accept that, and she thought that her mother claimed all credits of her winning in the chess. In order to hurt her mother she gave up some chess matches, but her mother was quite indifferent to her. Later, when Waverly had decided to play chess again, she lost her talent for playing chess. Waverly realized that one secret of her talent was her mother’s love and support. When she lost it, she lost her talent too. Again, Waverly says about her first husband Marvin whom her mother used to criticize all the time. Later, Waverly divorced him, and she believed that her mother’s constant criticism towards her husband destroyed her marriage. She wanted to marry her boyfriend Rich, and she was afraid of her mother that if her mother disliked him. When she went to tell her mother the news of her marriage, she realized the most crucial truth of her life. She realized that she had always blamed her mother for her misfortune, but her mother was the one who always wished good luck for her life.

            The whole story describes how a mother’s love, support, blessing and blame influence one’s life. I know the truth why Waverly failed in the chess. I know how strong the power of a mother is. This story reminds me some moments about my mother. I noticed that whenever I disobeyed my mother, I failed in my exam. I learned about this power of mothers from my religion Islam. According to my religion, “if your any kind of behavior hurts your mother, you will suffer in the long run.” Waverly hurt her mother by neglecting chess game and married a man whom her mother didn’t like, so she suffered for all of these faults. Finally, I want to share a story about my mother and my eldest sister.

             Once my eldest sister was going to face a job interview, but before going for the interview she didn’t touch my mother’s feet. According to our culture, it’s mandatory to touch elder’s feet asking their blessings before leaving home for any good purpose. My sister didn’t get the job, and my mother said to me, “I knew she would not get the job. She didn’t ask for my blessings, and she just ignored me. However, I prayed for my daughter, but Allah’s punishment is always obvious.” I was so surprised that I told everything to my sister, and she asked for her forgiveness. Later, surprisingly, my sister got the same job. How strange!

            In conclusion, my request to all of my friends- please, never heart your mother. Although they scold you, their love and blessings are always with you!

2 Responses to The power of a Mother

  1. samia71 says:

    Nice writing style. Especially I like the incident of your eldest sister and mother. I had also some experience which made me to feel that maybe a mother had a supernatural power which we never understood. How strange the fact is.

  2. phamtram says:

    Tausifa, I think that you are always an obedient and good daughter of your mother. Your blog reminded me of my childhood. I also used to hurt my mother’s feelings because i took for granted that she disliked me. Indeed, she sometimes got indignant with me and prevented me from something i loved. I even thought that i am an adopted child. However, now i understand that everything she did was good for me, so i feel deeply remorse. Is it late to correct my mistakes? Is it necessary to apologize to her? I think that all i can do now is to endeavor my best not to disappoint her again. Let’s join together to bring happiness to our mothers, ok?

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