Story of Shugufa

According to the narrator of the film transcript, Wide Angle, the movie is about the children in the different parts of the world who have gotten trouble in the field of education. For example, the narrator talks about how the different problems like war, religious beliefs, a scarcity of teachers, as well as family responsibilities have stopped them from getting education. The transcript includes true stories of seven children who had gone through the changes in their lives in the time period of three years, i.e., 2003 to 2006. I am going to talk about one of those children, who have gone through those changes.

Shugufa is an Afghan girl who had been living in Pakistan for five and a half years with her family as a refugee after the rule of the Taliban in their home country. In their host country, they were not able to get access to education. Even when both the parents were in support of educating their daughter, she was deprived of it. It was not only the consequence of the war that lasted for so many years, but also the social beliefs that women should not be literate. After three years, it was found that Shugufa and her sister didn’t forfeit their hope in getting education. Even though they have now gotten the chance to enroll in education, they still have many problems. According to Shugufa, due to the household chores, she hadn’t been able to give her full time in education. Furthermore, the attack of the Taliban on teachers and the lack of teachers were the other problems that stopped teaching in school. Due to these reasons, in Afghanistan, many girls dropped out from their schools before 5th grade, but Shugufa never thought about giving up her interest in education despite all those difficulties.

Therefore, through the story of Shugufa, we can say that she was destined to get education. It was her faith in herself to do those things that she always wanted to do. It was not only the war that could have confined her, but there were also other barriers such as house-hold chores, and social beliefs that could have stopped her from getting education. In addition, it was her spirit to compete with those obstacles and patience to wait for changes to occur in her life.
There are many children in the developing countries that still do not have any access to education due to the problems like war, prejudice, a lack of schools and teachers. Many have given up their hope and many of them might have been waiting for the changes to occur. On the other hand, in cities, there are students who are not interested in their studies even though they have gotten the chance to go to school. However, I feel I am one of the luckiest people who have gotten the chance to go to school.

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