Response to “The Iliad”

I have so far learnt that most writers’, poets’ creation are based on our daily life. For example, Khaled Hosseini has written his popular novels which are based on Afghanis’ lives. In the same way, famous author Homer has written his famous epic The Iliad, which is based on ancient Greek people’s lives.

The Iliad starts from the 10th year of the war between Greeks and Trojans. The Iliad not only gives the readers the feeling of war but also describes how women are treated and what type of characters the gods and goddesses have.

By reading The Iliad, I have learnt that in ancient era, women have been treated as precious commodities among men. For example, Zeus, god of lightning, has the power to do sex with any girl he likes while traveling. What is more, according to rank, soldiers receives women as prizes while conquering a land. Besides, women don’t have any rights to express their feelings or to participate in the war. They are always compelled to stay at home. For instance, in The Iliad, when heralds of Agamemnon have come to take Achilles’ girl, Briseis, she doesn’t wish to go with them. However, neither she has the right to express her feelings, so she has gone with them unwillingly. In addition, nowhere in The Iliad is written that women have fought in that war. Moreover, they are seemed as an apple of discord among Greeks. All these evidence prove that women are treated badly in ancient Greek.

I have always learnt that god always holds all the noble qualities in order to attract people to follow his advice. Nevertheless, when I have read The Iliad, I have found that it is totally opposite in ancient Greeks. Most Greek gods and goddess don’t have noble qualities, but they have power. The most powerful god, Zeus, is fully characterless. His only work is to make love with beautiful girls. He has married his beautiful sister, Hera, the white-armed goddess. While reading The Iliad, a question emerge from my mind, if he can marry his sister and make love with all beautiful girls, why doesn’t he do something with his daughter, Helen, the most beautiful woman in ancient world?

In comparison to my god, Allah, he is the most noble and powerful person in the universe. He has sent his messengers to preach Islam among people. The messengers are noble persons too and they have patience in preaching Islam. They always respect women as a noble creation of Allah. They say that women have to be more respected than men. They also say that women should have equal opportunities as men.

In conclusion, The Iliad by Homer presents the idea of how Greek gods and goddess and their followers look like in the 800 BC.


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