response to “Four Directions”

The chapter “Four Direction” in the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan first evoked anger in me. How could Waverly Jong misunderstand her mother for a long time? When she won the chess games, her mother was so proud of her and wanted to share with other, she got angry; however, when her mother altered to not bother her, for her sake, Waverly thought it was her mother’s punishment, which she considered to be worse than quarrels. Instead of seeing her mother’s kindness, she conceived it in a different way. She thought her mother didn’t like Rick because she changed their topic talking about her husband’s disease, whereas her mother just wanted to focus on the more important thing. That her tears fell down as she knew her own daughter had always thought bad thing about her made me upset, furious, and regretful. But then, I released when she finally realized her mother’s altruism.

Through their relationship, I saw the respectfulness of altruism of parenthood. Even when her daughter disobeyed her and even yelled at her when she showed her off, Lindo always supported her. She had known that Waverly got married to Rich, the person that Waverly thought her mother hated. Indeed, even though Lindo didn’t say anything, she still agreed with her daughter’s decisions such as choosing Rich as her husband. I remembered my mother’s image through Lindo. My mother is a reserve person, so she didn’t often express her emotions. She would ask me to do something if it was really necessary and good for me. She would think about her children before she thought about herself. Once before her birthday, I asked her what she gift she wanted me to give her. Yet she said she wanted us, her children, to live well.

I also think about myself. Do I have right to feel angry with Waverly as I did? Did I understand clearly what my mother had taught me? As her daughter, did I care for her enough? “No,” I answered myself. I was also a selfish daughter, and I couldn’t realize it before, like Waverly. Sometimes, even though I knew my mother’s desires, but I didn’t try to make her happy. Now, I feel so remorseful about it. I wanted to be like Waverly, who could correct her faults later. If I live with her, I obey and to care for her more.



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