Response to “The Iliad”

Agamemnon insulted and dishonored Chryses, Apollo’s priest; and Apollo became furious hearing this. He started throwing thousands of arrows causing death to many people in. It is a great example of the wrath of the god in Greek mythology. Reading the Iliad the mythology of my religion reflected in my mind. I also found same connection in the Hindu mythology.

Once upon a time, there was a king having five sons ruling over the heaven. The king wanted to give his kingdom to his first son because he became old. Eventually, conflicts started among brothers. Everybody wanted to get the kingdom. The first brother, Ram was got out from the kingdom because of their brothers’ conspiracy. Ram, and his wife; Shita were compelled to go in the forest ordered to live there for 14 years. As his brother; Laxman loved his brother very much, he wanted to go with his brother. They started living in the forest and one day the king of the hell, Raven kidnapped his wife. Actually, he also wanted to get the highest position in the kingdom and destroy the heaven, because he knew that after 14 years Ram would get the whole kingdom and would be the king of heaven. Ram got enraged on Raven and wanted to kill him for getting back his wife. He collected a huge amount of armies and they had to cross the whole sea to go to Raven’s kingdom. The war took place in Lanka. Ram completely destroyed the Lanka causing death to many people.  After a bloody war they got back Shita. Although Ram was the god of truth and morality, he had anger and had to kill a lot of people. It expresses the wrath of god.

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