Observation and Prediction

When you observe something very deeply you may be able to predict about it, which means you can understand what will be its future. Sometimes it also happens that what you say about something becomes true. Then it will just be a coincidence. When I read the chapter “Rice Husband” of the novel Joy Luck Club, which is written by Amy Tan, I found Ying-ying St. Clair whose characteristic is similar to this characteristic. Ying- ying, who is mother of Lena St. Clair, always predicts about what or who is around her. First of all she says about his husband’s death is that she knew that he will die. It seems that her prediction comes true, but this does not happen in real. Actually she observes her husband very well and she sees him to eat very rich fat food every day. That’s why she understands that it will cause great damage to his health and he will die. Secondly, she also predicts about Lina and her husband’s marriage life. She predicts that they do not have sweet relationship between them. She says like this as she observes their life style (For example, she notices that Lina and her husband make a balance sheet and her husband does not know much about her). Here it can be said that good observation can make people to predict correctly. No one can know what will happen in future, even after 5 minute.

When I was thinking about the prediction which becomes true, one incident of my life flashed in my mind. Once I went to my village with my cousins after my final exam. I did very bad in my math exam and was very worried that I might be not passed in the math exam. During the whole journey I could not sleep, and when I reached in the village I was totally exhausted. After that I went to the village fair and there I found one person who can tell people’s future by watching their hands. I showed him my hands, and observing my hand, he said that I was in great tension and something bad had happened in my life. I was surprised that he knew that I did bad in my exam. After giving him money when I returned to my cousins and told them about it all of them started to laugh. It was because the man made me fool because it was obvious in my face that I was in tension and observing my face he told like this, not watching my hands.

However, it is good if we observe something very well and can predict about it. Good observation can protect us from be harmed by thing.

One Response to Observation and Prediction

  1. phamtram says:

    Yes, Tasnia, you’re right. Observation helps us to predict something will happen. Observation also indicates your love to someone. If Ying-ying had not paid attention to her husband’s eating habit, she could have know about his death. However, I wonder why she did not tell her husband about his bad habit, why she let something bad happen. Prediction to prevent something bad happen is very good, but what will you think if you cannot do anything to stop bad things from your beloved ones?

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