My mother and Lena’s mother

     The chapter “Rice Husband” in the novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan tells the story about Lena’s ignorance in her mother’s prediction of the future. In the story, her mother believes that “one thing is the result of another thing.” She has some superstitious beliefs which is Lena does not accept, but her life is somehow influenced by it. Lena’s mother used to say that if she did not eat properly or if she throws her food, she will get a bad husband.  From her eating habit she predicts her future. The main conflict in the story is that Lena does not understand the real meaning of what her mother says. She often misinterprets it and takes incorrect decision.

     While reading the story, I remembered my own mother’s warnings. Like Lena’s mother my mother also used to say such things.  For instance, when I threw food, she used to warn me that one day I would starve for the same amount of food what I had thrown. Similarly, when I did not clean my room and did not make my bed, she used to tell me that it was the symbol of having a bad husband or bad family in the future. When the clothes were not washed properly, she told me that like the cloth I will not be able to keep my life clean. Furthermore, she used to advise me that if I kept the kitchen clean while cooking, I would have a good and prosperous life. Similarly, in our culture, it is said not to comb our hair at night because if we do so, we will get an old husband. From everything I used to do, my mother used to forecast my future in that.

     Subsequently, she planted the fear of having a bad life in future. As a result, I tried my best to do my every work perfectly.  Due to her predictions, I started to make my bed early in the morning, did my washings properly, and cleaned my room every day. I developed a habit of doing those things regularly. I used to eat even if I did not like the food or even I did not want to eat due to the fear of starving in the future.

      I do not know if her sayings will be true or not, but by her predictions and warnings, I developed a good habit of doing all the stuff s properly for which I am very thankful.

Digya Shrestha

One Response to My mother and Lena’s mother

  1. zahra says:

    Hello dear Digya,
    I enjoyed reading this your writing. In fact, I enjoyed since it reminded me of my mother’s predictions. She used to predict everything, the end of a movie, the result of my laziness or the hidden secrets, which we were not able to see them until they happened. Sometimes when I was nagging about what I didn’t like she would say, “One day you will long for what now you are complaining about.”I remember sometimes that our relatives came to our home, I used to mutter for their kid’s noises and get angry at their crying or screaming; then, my mother would scold me and say that one day I will be living far from them, somewhere that I can’t see any little children. Actually her prediction came true again, I was accepted in the Asian University for Women (where I am far from my family and relatives and their kids and missing all of them). The last days of being at home, my mother used to sit in front of me and stare at me, saying, “Are you really going to go to Bangladesh? Far from us? I will miss you a lot! What should I do?!” And just to make my mother get distracted of crying, I used to say, “But don’t you remember what your prediction was? You wished me to be far from you so don’t feel sad.”
    Despite the things that we call prediction or paying attention to the very little evidences and signs, I do believe in something else which is called the Power of Attraction. I do believe that everything you think of will happen to you. You are the result of your thoughts and expectations in the past; in future, also you will be the result of your present expectations and dreams. If you think you can be a prodigy, you can; meanwhile, if you think you can be nothing, you can. Just try to focus your attentions on whatever you want. Think of what you want and wish and be sure that you will get it. The more you think of what your goals, the more power you produce to catch them. I have reached to this conclusion that even the reason of that emphasis on praying in many is the same as the new idea of the Power of Attraction.
    Of course talking about the topic, which has changed my life, in one paragraph is not easy, but what I would like to say is that believe in the power of mind and try to expect everything a good result. Maybe the reason that some predictions come true is that they are focused on a lot, so why we don’t take the advantage of this law and don’t make our lives as well as we want?!

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