My mom and Lena’s mom

After reading “Rice Husband” written by Amy Tan, I happened to compare my mom with Lena’s mother. The similarities between my mom and Lena’s mom were being flashed. The way her mom in this story encouraged Lena to finish rice, my mom also used to remind me of one of our believes that if we threw rice it would curse us. In my community of Nepal, we people consider food as blessing of god and we even offer small portion of rice to god after harvesting. Without offering food to god at the first, we people don’t eat. Moreover, she would tell me to think of those people who don’t get food to eat and die due to malnutrition. After hearing this all, I could never leave my plate without finishing meal. I really miss those days now because my mom is not with me to say do this, don’t do this.
Another similarity that I found between mother of Lena and my mom was the care they have for their child. Lena mother, though she never showed and finally confessed that she loved Lena, had always been caring for Lena. Being concerned in every matter that Lena did and silently keeping eye on her was something Lena’s mom always did. My mom as well, cares for me a lot. Being tensed in my minor health related problems, staying up whole night when I had a fever is what I will never be able to forget. Every time I remember how much love and care my mom has been showering on me, I can’t prevent myself from respecting and loving her more and more.
Regardless of these similarities, I noticed one main difference between my mother and Lena’s mother. Contrary to my mom, Lena’s mother was always interfering in her personal matters. My mother has always respected my decisions and has been with me in every step. At times, when I was not able to make decisions, my mother always helped me and guided me. On the other hand, though Lena’s mother loved her, she had never given chances to Lena to make decisions on her own. If Lena made any decisions, her mother would always find fault in that and criticize her. Somehow, I feel that Lena’s mother was imposing her decisions on Lena’s life and Lena was coerced to comply with her mother. After reading this story of Lena, I felt myself very lucky that I have a caring, loving and understanding mother who values me and my works. Moreover, I also got disgusted knowing that some mothers are also there in this world who values their own opinions than their daughter’s presence.

One Response to My mom and Lena’s mom

  1. I felt the same as you felt after reading “Rice Husband” by Amy Tan. I too remembered my mother’s feeling towards me and I have never faced any interfere in my decisions from my parents as you did; but I disagree with your point that Lena’s mother interfered in Lena’s life. After reading the story, we were clear that Lena never tried to take her decision by herself, she never knew what she wanted from anything in her life, neither had she known what she wanted from her marriage with Harold, neither had she known what she wanted from her mother. In that case, I came to feel that what her mother did was the best thing to do, so that she could feel what she wanted from her mother and as well as from her husband. She finally decided to shout at her mother and asked her not to interfere in her life and at last, her mother made all things clear and confessed that she cared for her. I think it was the best way to make Lena feels what she wanted in her life and make her able to take her all decisions by herself.

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