How Do You Interpret?


                  As I read the chapter “Four Direction” of the book The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, I started to explore the relationship between me and my mother comparing to Waverly and her mother. Since I have found many similarities between Waverly’s and my mother, I started to ask myself that do I also feel the same way that Waverly feels for her mother.

                 When Waverly described that how her mother sees wrong in everything and, how her mother shows her anxieties to her daughter by criticizing her, and how she warns Waverly about the wrong decisions of her life, it forced me to think about my mother. Like her mother, my mother also tries to find fault and shows wariness with all the things related to me.  My mother is also someone who likes to have control over her children’s life as Waverly’s mother does. Like Waverly’s mother who always tried to show that she is responsible for her daughter’s all achievements, my mother always tries to represent herself as the one who is responsible for my achievements.

                    As I have found out that there are many similarities between Waverly’s mother and my mother, I have also found out that there are also much dissimilarity between me and Waverly. The way we interpret our mother’s behavior and the feelings we share for our mother are totally different. Unlike her, I have always considered my mother’s anxieties as a good sign for me. It makes me feel how much she loves me and cares about me. It warns me whenever I am about to take any wrong decision and force me to think about the consequence of all my acts. On the other hand, the way she tries to have control over my life makes me feel protected and safe. I also think that my mother has all the right to get the credit for my achievement as she is the one who always motivate and inspire me.

                    However, one thing I find is common between me and Waverly that like her mother, my mother always makes me feel like a pawn in front of her and plays the role of a queen, who has all control over me, whenever we have any dispute. Like her I also feel very weak whenever I get into any conflict with my mother, whether on any personal decision or any family decision. I think it happens because most of my internal strength and my moral support is from my mother; therefore, I feel weak when I stand against her.

                   Thus, after analyzing the similarities between mothers, I can certainly say that the way mothers show their love and caring to their children is, more or less, all the same. The only thing that matters and the only thing that makes them different from each other is how we children interpret them.

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