Follow Your Heart

In response of Steve Jobs speech

Sometimes you might find yourself in a predicament; in this case, it might be a time to listen to your heart — what I did. About six years ago, I chose to work instead of going to the university that I had gotten scholarship there. I remember how difficult it was to put my dream of being an archaeologist aside in order to be a teacher for Afghan immigrant children in Iran. The first days I had a strange feeling, both happy and penitent; however, later I found my happiness was growing more and more. Just after some months, I almost forgot to be sad for giving up my education. Then I was a teacher for the third and fifth grade children, who were not allowed to participate in governmental schools in Iran. During the years I was working as a teacher, I could see kids’ souls through their eyes since they were so innocent. I could find the real honesty, the genuine happiness and the pure hearts. However, it was six years but now I feel it was only a second, a second of purified joy, the joy of being the person that I wanted and a person who could see the souls through the eyes. Even though, I was working for about 10 hours a day, I was so energetic at the end of the days that wished them to be longer. However I was their teacher, it was they who taught me what the real life was. I could find the essence of humanity in their simple words and sentences and looks, which were free of cheating, hatred and lying. It was in that little school where I found the ubiquitous power of words, when I could understand I can shatter someone’s dignity with only one bad word or wipe his/her tiredness of working before coming to school. There, I found how someone who is not from your family, your blood and even your city can be just like your real sister and brother. I found how humans are hungry for and full of passion and love.  We the teachers and the students were both happy to be liked by each other and to like each other. There, I found that each of us is born to do something and take one burden of the burdens of the world. Finally, I found the value of what my father said when I told him about my decision on studying archaeology, “It is better to be useful for living humans more than for dead ones.”


2 Responses to Follow Your Heart

  1. meihuilan says:

    Thank you for sharing your own stories. I’m very impressed.
    You are definitely right about the point that we can learn things from children sometimes. I suddenly remember a sentence said by an educator (but I forgot her name): Indeed, children are the best teachers in the world. During the process of growing up, we learn a lot, and we also lose a lot. Our own ideas are often influenced by others’; then, we may forget what we want and what our original goals are sometimes. However, children, who always do things by following their hearts, they get what they want and refuse what they dislike. Therefore, just as what you say, when we found ourselves are in a predicament, it’s a time to listen to our hearts, as what children do.

  2. You really did a good job. I really appreciate your work man. You are really great that you thought for others. Otherwise who would think about others forgetting their own mission. You are one of those who give for others. I am really proud of you. You are a real hero. I liked it. If I were you I would have not thought like you. And talking about your aim, it’s ok now cause you got to experience life in better way that no archeologist may get to. i hope one later you will again do something better than before to help those needy people after finishing your studies.

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