Difference between a mother and a daughter exist, but why? Is it because of the way they were bought up? Or is it because both the mother and the daughter refuse to listen to each other. Now many differences may be present between a mother and daughter. I think it is because of the time and the place as well. In the book The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, one of the characters Lena St. Clair is all westernized and her mother is very traditional in the chapter titled “Rice Husband.” Lena St. Clair’s mother Ying-ying St. Clair was bought up in China traditionally with beliefs and norms. However, she had raised her daughter in America and her daughter has grown up to be “one of them.” Lena does not see things the way her mother views them. For example, Lena’s mother, Ying-ying, can see things before they happen, bad things. Such as Ying-ying had predicted that her unborn baby would fall out dead, and it did. She had known that her husband would die, and he did. Lena, on the other hand had never seen this kind of things (161-62). I have a friend whose mother is also very traditionally and religiously bound, where as my friend is not so much into it. She would rather go watch a movie instead of helping her mother. She would complain to me about her mother in school. She would say her mother had made strict rules about going out and studying. She said she hated that her mother interfered with her life. She had also said that her mother criticized about whatever she did. She would go on and on. Just like Lena and her mother, whatever Lena did, like going on extreme diet; her mother notices it and knows her daughter very well. Lena’s mother even knows about Lena and Harold (Lena’s husband)’s argument and dispute eve if Lena does not utter a word about it. Lena’s mother instead of trying to intervene, she does not say anything. However, in the end of the chapter Lena’s mother asks her indirectly why she is not trying to stop it (181). We can see that her mother had already known about the disagreement Lena and her husband was having. My friend’s mother, just like Lena’s mother notices everything but does not really pushes her to do things. She watches her and studies her daughter. However, my friend is very mistaken about her own mother. I think it was just because my friend does not understand her mother. If they spend time or talk to each other, they might be able to overcome those differences and the space between them.


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