Accepting The Change.

It’s difficult for anyone to find your feet in a new place or situation in short period of time. Recently a short animated movie “Who Moved My Cheese” was screened and it conveyed the message that it’s important for an individual to accept any kind of situation, be it new or odd, one should be always ready to adapt and adjust to it. The movie also shared some quotes that I found interesting—“ If you do not change, you can become extinct!” The movie relates the ‘Cheese’ as the destiny or aim (that an individual has/wish) which one aims to accomplish. One of the quotes that the movie showed was “Having Cheese makes you happy” and yes, it is true. We don’t feel left out or lost when we have a aim to fulfill. On our way to achieve our goal or aim we will for sure face obstacles and ups and downs. Life is never easy and it won’t remain the same always. There are changes always, everywhere and at any time. For instance, I have come here in AUW, Bangladesh to gain knowledge and the first and foremost thing for me to get adapted to was the place and the climate, which is new to me. It’s hot here and I am not used to this climate, but I have to adapt it somehow to achieve my aim later in life. There are multiple other such examples, like the food is different or the language.etc.

Moreover, nowadays with fast advancement in technology and the way of living, the mentality of thinking too is changing. The changes occur every now and then and it is important for us to swallow it without any hindrance. Not all changes are acceptable or easy to accept but to move on in life and to acquire the goal that one has already set, it’s important to move ahead and not let the new and unknown phase in life stop you.

The movie taught me that even if you accept the changes and when you are nearing the destiny and if you don’t get what you hope for there is always a better chance a little ahead. “Noticing small changes early helps you adapt to the bigger changes that are to come.” As in the movie it is illustrated that a character named “Ted,” accepts the cheese in the place C is missing so he accepts the fact that the cheese is no more there. The moves on in search of another place where he possibly could find another cheese. Later he finds a place called N, unfortunately he gets only some tidbits/remains of the cheese. Seeing it he doesn’t get disappointed, instead he takes it as a good sign (that his cheese exists somewhere) and movers further in search. At the end he gets more than what he had accepted.

The movie shared a quote that i like and found it inspiring—“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” 😀

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