A mother is always a mother.

The chapter “Four Direction” of Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan made me confused about the actual relationship between Waverly and her mother Lindo, two main characters of this chapter.

From the beginning, Waverly was worried about her mother that she would not agree with her decision of remarrying. As her mother always found negative things or faults, which were always right, she was afraid that her mother would change her mind. She tried several times and at last was able to tell her about Rich and her affair. Then she found that her mother knew it and said that she did not hate her future husband. When she blamed her that she never agreed with her, she cried. Waverly was confused with the strength and weakness simultaneously. After that her mother said from here she came and what the significant of his. Though Waverly was confused why she was telling those things, later she understood the meaning of her mother’s word. She realized that she was fighting against herself, not against her mother. Moreover, she discovered that her mother was not completely rude; she also had love and weakness for her mother.

I think that all people and their personality are not equal in the world. Though I cannot imagine my mother’s behavior like Waverly’s mother, I think she also had the same love and adore for her, which my mother has for me. My mother thinks that she does not love her children like other mothers. I also think that sometimes she is rude. However, I feel that my mother is the best mother in the world. This realization did not come to Waverly as she always thought about the negative things about her mother. Maybe she was over rude sometimes; she did those things from her personal and cultural points of view and the thought of betterment for her daughter. A mother never cannot destroy her daughter’s life, even she cannot think of. Therefore, when her mother made her understand that she was worried about herself, not about her, it was clear that her mother did not have any intension of interrupting in her life. Constantly, Waverly was happy and had new feelings for her mother.

In conclusion, I want to say that a mother always thinks for the betterment of her children. Waverly and her mother’s relation is one of the proofs of this fact. However, it is not clear to me that why Waverly said that “I did understand finally. Not she just said. But what had been true all along.”

I think someone will help me to understand that.

3 Responses to A mother is always a mother.

  1. roksanahasib says:

    Urmi, I really like your realization about mother’s love. You are right that every mothers love their children, it is just their way of expression which is different. All people don’t express their love in the same way; therefore we often misunderstand them. However, I appreciate that you understand your mother.
    You said you didn’t understand what Waverly meant by the quote. Although I am not sure whether I am right or wrong, I want to say you my understanding about the quote. I think through that sentence she has tried to say that her mother had been true and right all the time. Her mother had always tried to help her and understand her. It was her who didn’t give her mother any chance to enter in her life, and didn’t put any effort to understand her mother.

  2. nusrat4 says:

    Sohana, it is an interesting blog and it is true that every mother loves her child. It is the children who misunderstand their mother and sometimes hate them. Our mother always thinks for our welfare, but we misunderstand them because they might express their feelings in different ways, which we don’t understand at that moment. If afterwards we think about their activities, we realize that they are right.
    For the last part that you didn’t understand, i apprciate with Roksana. I too think in the same way as she thought.

  3. kalpana23 says:

    Urmi! I like your blog entry. It is real circumstances for some people. You are right that every mother have her own way of expressing her love to her children. For example, some may fulfill each and every demand of her children; some may spend a lot time with their children; some may be very strict and do not show love, but still they love their children. It is natural that when a mother becomes strict and show love, children may think she does not love them but there is a deep love and care hidden inside the fake rudeness, Hence, no matter what the way is, mothers love their children.

    Regarding your last question, I too do agree with Roksana. Waverly never tried to go along with her mother’s thought, but later she realizes that she was wrong and her mother was right; she realizes that she never took her mother positively.

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