Response to “Two Kinds”

How do you feel when your parents compare you with others? If I were you I would feel very indignant because I love to be the way I am. I guess most of you will feel the same as me. That’s what came up in my mind when I read “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan. In this story, Jing-Mei is a normal girl, who has not any natural talent or extraordinary ability. Still her mother keeps on pushing her to become something on which her mother can feel proud of. It was like a competition with her friend’s daughter Waverly Jong, who is a brilliant chess player. Literally, Jing-Mei’s mother never compares her with Waverly, but she wants Jing-Mei to be something like her. The force was for more for a show-off than Jing-Mei’s benefit.  On the contrary, Jing-Mei pretends to be obedient to her mother, but eventually she likes the way she is.

Fortunately, I have never faced things like that. My parents never compared me with other girls, but it does not mean that I am a flawless girl with extraordinary girl. I am an ordinary girl, just like Jing-Mei. When anyone of my cousins or someone from neighborhood achieves something, my parents never suggest me to be like her or him. They are happy with what I have achieved till now. They truly believe in me and let me decide what to do with my life. While it is me who sometime sees others achievement and wonders, “I wish I could do it!”. Then my parents inspire me for that and advise me to listen to my heart. On the other hand, I feel so awkward when anyone from neighborhood or relatives tell their children to be like me as I am not worthy of that. One of my aunts (father’s sister) has strictly told her daughter to follow my steps, who is much more brilliant than me in every aspect.

In my opinion, this tendency of comparison in parents has both negative and positive effects. Sometime the child feels too much pressure to fulfill their parents’ expectation when they are compared with some super talented kids. The child gets lost on the extra efforts and loses his or her own identity. On the other side, the comparison does well to some extents. It sometimes inspires the child to do something and brings out the latent talent. Moreover, every parent expects their child to be a genius, which is not a bad thing. But sometime their over-expectancy makes the child frustrated and indifferent to everything.

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