Scene 1: Ying-ying St. Clair is lying in her bed. Her eyes are staring at the ceiling. Through her changing expressions, we can see what she is thinking about:

 I feel tired, really. I don’t know who have taken my things away; the person is so cruel that he or she always tries to snatch my things away – my Chinese name, my birth date, my second child… It must be a ghost! The ghost wants me to become a ghost, too. However, he or she didn’t make it; I was left on the way to my second child’s world. There is nobody by my side, and I don’t know who can guide me get out of here; in other words, I am lost. I can’t find a way to back home, nor can I find a way to reach my poor second child’s world. Cold wind blows, and black clouds emerges from the sky that above my head. When I look at the sky, I suddenly find that I am so familiar with this feeling, which I experienced several years ago. At that time, I was Ying-ying, not Betty St. Clair. That night, I saw how the moon lady went to the moon, and I was trying very hard to tell her my wish. Now, I also want to tell her my wish, but the black clouds don’t let me to see her. I know, again, both of us are separated from others’ world.

I had already known there would be something wrong happen before my poor child came to the earth, but I didn’t think it could be such serious. I know that must be a punishment given by my ancestors, for my carelessness. Yes, I’m always careless. I’m so careless that I get lost again and again. Now, nobody can tell who I am and what I want, neither can I. Sometimes I think the ghost who brought me to here was one of my ancestors, and he or she left me here because there was a confusion existing in his or her mind: whether I was a member of this family. I have struggled too much to find out who I am, but now, I’m so tired, and I just want to have a rest and wait to be found.

“Mom!” I heard someone was calling me. Then, I turn around.

Scene 2: Ying-ying turns around, and Lena is standing in front of her. “Mom, I’ve found you,” says Lena. A drop of tears comes out from Ying-ying’s eyes.


One Response to Ying-ying

  1. rstha says:

    hi Mei, i really liked your concept of depicting what’s behind the silence of Ying-Ying. Remisnicing her old days and loosing her identity is what would have make her like a ghost. A ghost who has lost her identity and is invisible. Though her body is lying on her bed, her thoughts and regrets are invisible to others. The second scene was very heart touching and i wish we will be able to see the same incident of Lena reviving her mother from silence and invisibility in the novel as we go forward.

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