Yin Yang vs. the Present World

     In “The Moon Lady”, the myth of Yin Yang was presented which explained that Yin was a male with traits like independency and activeness. On the other hand, Yang represented a female with traits such as dependency and passiveness. The story expressed that females depended on men. The characteristics of males and females, according to Ted and Rose in “Half and Half”, have supported the traits of males and females described by Yin and Yang. Though they got married with their approval and acceptance their bond weakened with respect to time. After their marriage, Rose started relying on her husband and accepting all decisions made by him. This showed that Rose depended on her husband and is passive, for she accepted everything finalized by her husband. On the contrary, Ted is independent and active for he is able to decide for both of them.

 I feel that the meaning implied by myths isn’t always true. It varies from generation to generation. This myth took place in ancient ages when men held superior positions and all the decisions are made by men. Women, on the other hand, would follow as summoned by men. I believe that the meaning of the symbol of Yin Yang doesn’t resemble men and women of the present world. Comparing my mother and my father with Rose and Ted, they bear many differences. My father is independent and active like Ted which meets the meaning of Yin. However, my mother’s traits do not resemble the traits of females expressed by the symbol. My mother is independent and active for she is employed and confident enough to make her own decisions whereas Rose is the opposite of it. Rose represents the meaning of Yang, but my mother’s trait is against it. The present century is different from the time in the past; these days, people are educated and both males as well as females utilize their potential to live an independent life. Nonetheless, these myths will keep alive the situation of certain periods in human history. So, myths are to gain knowledge about the situation of that time as well as people‘s lives. We can enjoy getting exposed to different myths and do some research to increase our knowledge, but it doesn’t mean that every meaning of the myth will remain the same forever.

What is your thought about it?

One Response to Yin Yang vs. the Present World

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    I think that your thoughts are absolutely correct. The past is different from the presence, so our parents are also different from Ted and Rose. You are right when saying that we all can alter myths about Ying and Yang somehow. Let’s join together to change the myth, change stereotypes about women. Let’s establish a solid status for women by our efforts today. Let’s prove that myths are always myths, not the truth.

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