Tries and Responsibilities

In the chapter “Half and Half” of THE JOY LUCK CLUB, Rose tells some stories about her marriage and the accident in which her brother Bing died. From those stories, especially from the part that about her mother, Rose realizes that both fate and faith are essential for everyone.

I’m impressed with the things what Rose’s mother – An-mei –dose after her son falls into the sea. Even though she is very sad, she still gives her a chance to have a try; she goes to the beach again and does several things the next day, which she thinks will get her son back. Although she doesn’t make it, her actions give a message that we should give us a try whenever we can, no matter how impossible it seems.

Certainly, we often have the same feeling with Rose, “There’s no hope. There ‘s no reason to keep trying” (Tan 139). An-mei’s response is that this is your fate, and this is what you must do (Tan 139). I don’t want to get into the topic of fate because I don’t know whether all people believe it. However, I do agree with An-mei’s point that this is what you must do. The reason is that all people do things for themselves and others in their lives, so they have the responsibilities for themselves as well as others. We want to deny everything we don’t like, but we have to do something when it is a requirement of our responsibilities sometimes. Responsibilities can be a set of rules existing in societies, but they also can be a sense that everyone should have. From the example that An-mei keeps telling herself to try something that seems futile, we can see that it somehow related to her responsibilities: As a mother, she have personal feelings with her son, so the action that she try to look for her son shows that she is responsible for her feeling of love, or we can say that she is responsible for herself. Moreover, since her role is a mother, she definitely has the responsibilities to take care of her children, so she must give her a try.

On the other hand, in terms of Rose, she lets everything happen and never pay attention to what she really wants which shows that she doesn’t have a strong sense of responsibilities, no matter for her marriage or herself.

Therefore, sometimes we really need to give us a chance to have a try because we must do it, which may meet our responsibilities.

One Response to Tries and Responsibilities

  1. tdenkar says:

    Hi Mae,

    Well, I agree with you that a person gives a try when he or she has some responsibility. Also, I found that An-mei went back to the sea beach again to find Bing because she being a mother was responsible to look for him. However, what do you think of Bing’s father then? Why isn’t he going to search for Bing along with An-mei? Is he being irresponsible? And what about other siblings of Bing, are they being inattentive and let it happen like Rose Hsu Jordan does?

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