Thug Life

How would it feel to live in the world where you are member of a gang? Not just “a gang,” but a group of guys who fights and preserve their status in a society. Many of the teenage boys think being a member of gang is “cool.” They will do anything to fit in the toughest group. Anything I say. I have seen my guy friends go crazy when they were chosen to be a member of the popular gang. It was as if there long lost wishes coming true. They become extremely happy. The book The Outsider by S.E. Hinton is guys fighting, getting in troubles, and sometimes taking extreme measures, like killing to save themselves. I enjoyed reading it very much. The author has described every emotion of the characters flawlessly; there is no way you will get bored. The protagonist of the story, a fourteen-year-old boy, Ponboy Curtis, was someone I could connect to. He has it all; his brothers looking out for him, his best friend watching his back, and his brother’s gang who is there to protect him from their enemies. He was not a member of a gang; they consider him as one because his brothers are the members. Most of my guy friends were a little older than me, so they treated me like their little sister. They used to call me “little one.” They would always be there for me. They had there own gang which I thought was super cool. They would often get in a fight. Sometimes if one of their members is walking alone, their enemies would beat him up. That is why they hang out together and form a unique clan of their own. I was not one of them, but I would join the boys sometimes and whenever their enemy passes by in a public area, they would have this cold look on their faces. It gave me the creeps sometimes. You will never realize when you are a member of a gang, the consequences until something terrible happens. I was stupefied when I heard my cousin brother was arrested for a gang fight. In the course of their fight, my cousin brother had stabbed his adversary. The injury was terrible but the guy had survived. My cousin, however, was arrested. According to him, it was a self-defense, but the police did not accept his confession. He had to spend one and a half months behind bars. It can have terrible consequences, but they refuse to look at the “bad” part. They got their pride in the neighborhood, and they will not give that up. They will do whatever it takes to be number one. When they hurt someone, it is considered “awesome.” I have seen my friends brag about how they had hit someone so bad, it made them wet their pants. I personally think it is amazing, it is not something you see everyday.


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