They Represent Us

           The epic poetry “Iliad” by Homer seems a whole experience of life to me. It describes all the dimensions of life. The poet has skillfully portrayed the images of love, lust, anger, wrath, selfishness, greed and power through the life of the characters of the poem. Although in most of the part it talks about the supernatural powers of god and goddess, it mainly tries to reflect the true nature of human through them.

            Begin with Zeus, the King of Olympus, we can see the human characteristics of love and lust. He mainly represents that how this two factors work over the mind of a man and his perspectives. He is a man who can easily get distracted and seduced by the beauty of a woman. Throughout the whole poem we can see that he is mostly engaged with women and only cares about his lust. Even though he is a god, he reflects the helplessness of a human who gets entangled in beauty, love and lust. Thus Zeus shows the typical characteristics of men as men are normally considered as persons who can easily get lured by lust and the love of women.

            Secondly the human characteristic of   wrath is represented through the character of god Apollo.  When his priest was insulted by Agamemnon, he shows his wrath over the Greek. It reflects that how human shows their anger and rage when their interest and motives get hurt. In order to support his priest he killed thousands of Greeks which shows how human get into fight and war for small reasons. Besides he became clam only when his wish was fulfilled which is another character of human as they only get satisfied when their wish is done.

             Another characteristic that is selfishness is represented through goddess Hera and Athena. They went against Troy and their people just only because the king Paris didn’t choose them as one of the fairest woman. Although they are goddess whose priority needed to be beyond any self interest, they only used their power to take their revenge. This shows the blindness of self centered attitude of human. It also represents the stereotype that women mostly care about their beauty.

            Another evident that represents the greed for power when goddess Hera, Athena, and god Poseidon tried to bind the god Zeus in order to get the high position of Olympus. This is a very common characteristic of human as they always fight with each other for power and greed.

            Therefore, if we analyze all the characters of the god and the goddess, we could find nothing but the reflection of human nature.


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