The Gods and Goddesses

Many times in the past, I had heard about the city of Troy and its big walls and strategic location in ancient Greece.  I had heard about the war which lasted for a long time, and how the city has been surrounded by the enemy. The Trojans, people of Troy, had resisted during all those years of war, and their enemy was about to give up and start moving back toward home, finishing the battle. But, something unexpected happened. Some wise, clever guy from the enemy’s side came up with an interesting plot to reverse the result of the war. In fact, the idea was giving a giant wooden horse as a gift to the people of the Troy. Pretending they were leaving the battle field, the enemy ended the siege. The Trojans, happy with their achievement, accepted the gift. At night, while all the Trojans were asleep, the enemy solider got out of the wooden horse and opened the gates of the city to their fellow warriors from inside. The enemy started massacring all the citizens of the Troy and looting the city.

In those times, I didn’t know the enemies of the Trojans were the Greece, or the war started because of a beautiful woman being stolen by Paris, the princess of the Trojans, or that the story has been part of an oral tradition being told and transferred from generation to generation in ancient Greece. I had heard the name Iliad, and I knew it was written by Homer, as one of the master piece of literature from ancient Greece, but it was until this week in reading and writing class that I learned the story was written down 800 years before the birth of Jesus Christ for the first time. While reading Iliad, I learned more about Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece mythology, for example Zeus, as the god of the sky and the most powerful god in the universe or Apollo, the god of music, poetry, sun, and light. The goddess had also power and important role in controlling the balance in the universe. For instance, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, crafts and the battle, while Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. In Iliad, all these gods and goddesses have many of human characteristics. For example, they have sexual relationship with each other, and sometimes with humans too. Or they become jealous and become enemy of each other. Another interesting thing that I learned about these gods was that they do not have absolute authority over and knowledge about everything. Zeus can easily be distracted from his duty by his wife Hera who knows about the Zeus weakness point. I really enjoyed reading the first chapter of the book.

2 Responses to The Gods and Goddesses

  1. dorjiom says:

    I am very happy to know that you enjoyed reading the first chapter of the book. I also enjoyed reading it. I used to think that classic books are very hard and boring to read. However, after reading this book, I am ecstatic to read other chapters of the book. Moreover, I am looking forward to read other classic books too. I really enjoyed the way they address each other when they get indignant. For example, “with a dog’s eyes and a rabbit’s heart!” it evoked laughter. At the same time, I felt like i was watching a movie. I pictured their images through my mind’s eyes. How about you? I think you felt the same right? Keep reading dear, just like you got extra knowledge through this book, you can get more knowledge from other books. Best wishes ahead.

  2. iratahmid says:

    I am happy to know that you enjoyed the book iliad. But you will be surprised to know that I didn’t enjoy the book until now because most of the vocabulary is too hard. Even I can’t memorize the characters of the poem. I hope I’ll enjoy this book during next week. Moreover, like you I heard about Troy city before, but now I get some knowledge about it.

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