Who is God? In my opinion, God is a powerful and invisible supernatural power. God has all the power within him; he can do anything and everything. All living beings in the universe are the creation of God. He has never hurt to any person; he helps people in their unfavorable situations. In the chapter “Half and Half” of The Joy Luck Club, An Mei Hsu was very religious woman — the same as me. I deeply believe in god because he always shows me right paths. Whenever I face any problem, he gives me a solution. Whenever I am sad, something happens that makes me happy. However, sometimes he doesn’t solve my problem because he thinks that either I have potential to solve the problem by myself or he wants to make me stronger so that I can face more difficult situations with courage.

Many people don’t believe in God because God is invisible. There is not any visual evidence of God’s existence, but every religion believes in God. I think that everybody sooner or later has received God’s help in his or her bad situations. Sometimes some miracle happens to people that show that God exists. For example, in the chapter “Half and Half” of The Joy Luck Club, Lena’s mother prayed a lot to God in the front of a sea to get her son back. “After her prayer, her faith was so great that she saw him, three times, waving to her from just beyond the first wave” (Tan 137). This incident was a miracle of God that the child appeared three times after listening his mother’s praying.

            Every religion and culture has different beliefs about their God. Our culture believes that God comes in various forms to inspect your character and nature. Sometimes he comes in the form of a beggar. If you don’t show respect to the beggar, he considers you as an evil person and doesn’t help you in your unfavorable situations, and after death you will go to the hell. However, if you help the person, then you will go to the heaven. Furthermore, our religion also believes that he lives in every living being’s soul, so we should give respect to everyone and never do harm to anyone. God is almighty.

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