The Giving Mother

When I was reading the poem,” The Giving Tree,” the tree resembled a ‘mother’ to me.  The characteristics of the tree presented in the poem are similar to the characteristics that a mother possesses. As we think of our mother’s love, we feel that her love is incomparable and unique. In the same way, the indulgence showed by the tree to a child reflects some kinds of motherhood we courtesy that any other members of the family could never do. I have no offense to any male parents, but today I want to talk about  mothers’ love, a pure love.

In my view there are some questions that always come to our mind; for example, how can a mother be so kind and generous to her child? How can she only think of  her child’s happiness without thinking about herself? These questions come time and again whenever we see our mother’s infinite love. Moreover, I think there isn’t any exact answer for these questions. If we, girls, ask our mothers these questions, then they often answer by saying, “You will know it when you become a mother.”

Have you ever thought about the essay “Poverty,” which shows the most critical condition of the poor people who allude to the love and sacrifice of a mother to her children? The narrator, the mother, is always worried about her children’s lives and their future. In spite of their extreme poverty, whatever she does is directly or indirectly devoted to comfort her children.

Not only “Poverty,” even in another definition essay “What is a family?” the narrator has shown how her mother buys her new shoes with a skirt in spite of her promise; how she is flattered and excited when she meets with her daughter’s boyfriend as if it was her own date. These may be small things of life but these small things altogether act as crucial moments in life to spread happiness in a family. When these small moments are missed, the connection between a mother and her child seems dim and unhappy. For example, the relationship between Lena St. Clair and Ying-ying St. Clair in The Joy Luck Club is not so strong because both the mother and her child are not able to savor the short moments of love and care. Though they do not share their feelings with each other, the mother shown in The Joy Luck Club is always a person who wants to dedicate herself to make her child’s life happy satisfied. Therefore, this  reason convinced me to call every mother ‘ a giving mother.’

One Response to The Giving Mother

  1. phamtram says:

    Thanks friend. You remind me of the relationship between my mother and me. As we all know, our mothers love us very much, and all they do is to bring happiness to us. However, we somehow endeavor to ignore and neglect their hearts . We remember their reprimands and anger instead of their kindness. We get indignant because of small things, and we even count how many times we have helped them. If comparing between our love to them and their love to us, i am inevitable that we will be ashamed of ourselves. I think that our mother’s heart are the deepest oceans that we never find their bottoms. Let’s remember and appriciate their love so that we will never feel remorse on the day when we no longer have chances to make them happy.

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