The Apple of Discord

As soon as I read the background history of the Iliad, The first I thing that I memorized was “the apple of discord.”  I had read this idiom in one of my grammar classes in junior high school. The idiom means a reason for a dispute. I did not know the myth behind the idiom then. It felt good when I got to know the myth. The myth was too funny. In the myth of Persephone I got to know that Greek Gods are not supposed to be virtuous. Their acts and behaviors were just like normal human-being. However, the epic oh Iliad shocked me again where I saw Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena, three of the Goddesses fighting for a simple golden apple. It was such a childish behavior of them. I have seen children only to fight for something like that. Again, Paris decided to help only Aphrodite, which made Athena and Hera furious. Again, they are goddesses of several things, such as –beauty, wisdom and battle. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, but I do not see her acting wisely. A goddess of wisdom has to be a wise person I guess, but the way she fought for the apple. In this case, she really proved that she is the goddess of battle b fuelling the war. All of  the gods were selfish and just eager to get their own benefit. I haven’t read anything about their serving the subjects yet.

However, this negligible incident of throwing the golden apple gave birth to a huge war. Personally, I do not believe in any myth because it seems to me like fairy tale. In this case, it is okay if the gods are not virtuous. Eventually, I guess there is a moral of this myth. Sometimes, we argue on a very simple matter that turns out to be a mass later. This happens with my parents always. They start to quarrel suppose on buying grocery and at a point that argument becomes so severe that they don’t even talk with each other for several days. So, it is better to overlook unnecessary matters to keep a harmony in life

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