The Joy Luck Club reminded me the struggle of my grandmother. In the first chapter Jing-mei Woo’s mother Suyuan Woo had to face many difficulties at the time of war. When I was reading this story, I had to compare my grandmother to her mother, because my grandmother passed a difficult time at the time of our liberation war in 1976. One day,She told me her life’s struggle.

My grandmother was a good wife and a responsible mother of four children. She got married at the age of twelve, like many other women in her time, but did not give birth until twenty. As a mother and a wife, her day usually starts very early in the morning by milking the cattle. She described “everything was green and the air so fresh”. Actually, she was explaining the beautiful nature of my homeland. She started to talk about the point that would change her life forever.

One morning, of March 1971, something unusual happened. It was the time of liberation war. Before that day, she heard about the Pakistani Army attacked our region and forced people to move. My grandfather and her brothers went to fight for our country. They were freedom fighters. My grandmother and her four children had to cross the river to seek refuge. They only got a boat to cross the river, but they had to pass the other way on feet, no carts or any other way of transportation could be used because she was afraid of dropping bombs or any kind of attack on them. During her journey, she could only walk at night and hide behind trees or rocks. After that night, she sought a refuge in a relative’s house, but it was not safe for her because there was a camp of Pakistani Army near that house. As a result, she had to go out with some food but it was very difficult for her to continue walking carrying four children. Her youngest child died because of staying without food. What a painful seen for a mother to see dying child in front of her! It was a true devastation and heart-breaking. She was telling with her tears in her eyes. The tragedy did not end here. She said that she lost her sight on the following day. As they continue their journey a bomb was dropped before them. The ashes got in her eyes and she lost her sight for ever. At last some freedom fighters took her in a refugee campus and she got the message of her husband’s death.

The woman with no sight had to take care of her three children in such kind of bad condition. For me, she is the example of courage and just struggle.

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