response to “Half and Half”

In the chapter, “Half and Half” of The Joy Luck Club Rose Hsu Jordan narrates the story how her mother lost her faith on God, and how “fate” and “faith” influenced Rose’s married life. In this chapter, the narrator Rose Hsu Jordan gives a very intellectual idea about “fate” and “faith”.

            According to the story, fate is what we except subconsciously, and we don’t pay attention to control over it. Consequently, we let it happen as we expect it. In the story, Rose knew that her brother was going to fall in water; she expected it. When she had become inattentive to him, the accident happened. It was their destiny which was unchangeable. Though she noticed what was going to happen, she couldn’t change the fate. Same things happened in her marriage. She expected that she was going to be divorced; instead of doing anything to save the relation, she just let it happen.

            On the other hand, “faith” refers to a strong belief on something or someone that make us confident. When Bing had been lost, An-mei was confident that she would find him because she had faith in God. She refused to accept the fate as she had expectation from God. When her faith couldn’t save her son, she lost faith on God.

`           From my own point of view, both “fate” and “faith” leads our lives. We can’t deny our fate for our faith. According to my religion Islam, if you have faith on Allah, you must be ready to accept your destiny. Islam says, keep faith on Allah, and Allah sometimes fixes our destiny to examine how strong our faith on Allah. Allah also says, try your best to be successful, and if you fail, just be patient and you will be rewarded later. According to my faith on Allah, I can’t accept Rose’s mother’s one sided belief on faith, and her refusal to God. I also disagree with Rose as she is constant in fate without trying to save her marriage. However, I appreciate An-mei’s effort as a mother to find her son.

            In conclusion, we all should keep faith in God or in our capacity. We should also be prepared to accept our destiny, but we should try to change our luck too.


2 Responses to response to “Half and Half”

  1. Dear Tausifa,
    I enjoyed reading your post. You have well described the meaning of fate and faith. I am glad that you believe in both faith and faith. I appreciate your faith in Allah and believe in your destiny. However, in the story I don’t think that rose had one sided believe in faith. In the beginning she blindly believed in faith but when she fails to find her son back, she starts believing in her fate too. I also that fate and faith both go with eachother together. Tobelieve in fate we must have faith in god andbelieve that nomatter what we do our destiny is already decided.
    Digya Shrestha

  2. papunauw says:

    Dear Tausifa,
    You have created a very thoughtful connection on responding “Half and Half.” I am happy to know that you believe in both faith and fate. I wish “your faith in Allah and believe in your destiny” will gift you a better life.
    Faith and fate is different but alike. In our life, we cannot but walking through without following fate and faith. We will have to lead our life believing in god and fate. I think not only in god we should also keep faith but also in our own ability for our success. If we fail we will have to accept this, and that is our fate which is unchangeable.

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