Response to “Half and Half”

In the world we can divide people into two parts. One who believes that what happens in one’s life is made by the God. It is already decided that what will happen in one’s life and no one can change it. No one knows what will happen at tomorrow. That’s mean they believe in fate. The people of the other part believe that they can do anything if they try. They believe that God will give them everything if they try to get. They have expectation from the God that the God will not dishearten them. That’s mean they have faith that the ending of their deed will be in their deed will be in their favor and the God will do this. “Half and Half” in the chapter of Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan here the fate and the faith is reflected by the characters. Here Rose Hsu Jordan who is the daughter of An-Mei–Hsu prefers fate. Actually she believes in fate. She married a person and when he proposed her to marry him; she does not tell him that she doesn’t know whether she loves him. She just watches and let things to be happened and even when her husband wants to get divorced she doesn’t take any step to save her marriage. Another thing is that when her brother drowns in the sea, she doesn’t do anything and let things to be happened. On the other hand, her mother believes that the God is always on favor of us and always fulfill one’s wish if one tries. That’s why, when her son drowns, she never believe that the God can do anything wrong with her by snatching away her son and she searches in the sea with the expectation that the God will return her child.

When I read this chapter “Fifty and Fifty”, I was thinking that Rose believes in fate and An-Mei in faith, but I believe in both the fate and the faith that means fifty fifty! When I didn’t get chance in Dhaka University only for 0.24 marks it was my fate not to get chance there. I thought like that because I had studied hard for three months before the exam but my hard work went in vain. I also believe in getting things by hard work so that I studied harder to get chance in the AUW. At last my hard work won.

One Response to Response to “Half and Half”

  1. As you said, I too believe in both faith and fate. We should have both faith and fate in our life in order to balance the difficulties of our life. When we lose in our life, we should have faith so that we could be able to fight against difficulties and regain our destiny. If we could not get what we want even trying for several times, we should be able to give up and walk for another choice. We should be capable to accept that we were not good enough to get what we want for that moment or we should be able to give up by saying that it was not the right thing for me. If we could do this, we can always be happy and have successful life. In this way, the combination of faith and fate can help us to overcome the sorrows of our life. So, I believe in both faith and fate.

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