Response to ‘Two Kinds’

In the chapter ‘Two Kinds’, the clash between Jing-Mei and her mother exposed the fact that pressurizing someone to do something that he or she did not love could not bring his or her success what was expected. Suyuan, Jing-Mei’s mother’s opinion was that everyone could be a prodigy. Jing-Mei was forced to do various things as her mother’s expectation towards her that she could be a prodigy. Her mother was motivated by watching programs and reading stories about young prodigies and used to tell about these to Jing-Mei to attract her attention towards that view she could be like them if she practiced. Jing-Mei was compared with other young talented girls, especially with Waverly, daughter of one of her mother’s friends who was a ‘Chess-champion’. However, Jing-Mei refused to try to become a prodigy because she was tired of being that, and wanted to be what really she was.

In my life, I also faced same type situation once. After passing the higher secondary examination, my mother expressed her expectation towards me that she wanted me to be a doctor. However, I did not want to be a doctor, I wanted to get admitted in a public university. Despite my wish, I studied for medical admission, but I could not concentrate in my study because it did not come from my mind. I tried to concentrate, but I could not. I know I could not be a good doctor because I had no intention to choose this field for my higher education. My mother tried to convince me by telling the stories of respected doctors, and how they reached in that position. She told me if I kept trying to get admitted in a medical college, then I could be achieved this position in the society like them. I just wanted to tell my mother that it was not a good expectation of her to me because I did not like me to be a doctor. However, my mother’s expectation towards me unintentionally forced me to study for medical admission, but I know I could not get chance because I had no aspiration for that. It just did not strike my mind. Consequently, my suspicion came true. My name was not in the list of selected students for medical college. I could remember how my mother’s expectation towards me just broke down. I saw the change in her face; it was expressed that she was frustrated. I expected her to say something rude, or harsh towards me, but she was just shut down.

When I read this chapter, I found similarity between Jing-Mei and me. We could not fulfill our mother’s expectation towards us. The fact was that Jing-Mei’s story is fictional, but my story was real.


One Response to Response to ‘Two Kinds’

  1. rstha says:

    Dear Samia,
    The act of being coerced as we are expected to be a prodogy in particular feild is faced by almost every youngsters. Jing-mei was expected to be a prodigy like you were expected by your mother to get into medical sector. Nonetheless, my story is quiet different. My mother insisted me to get into social sector after my high school, but i chose engineering. I didnt really enjoyed reading scientific stuffs; however, i wanted to study for it is a renowed occupation according to me. Finally, I couldnt get scholarship in engineering college and landed up here in AUW. Now, I have realized that I enjoyed learning about world rather than formulas. My family encouraged me to be here from where I have found my niche. Though my story is different, we can infer that mothers always wish for betterment of their children.

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