Respone to “On Marriage”

While reading “On Marriage” by Khalil Gibran, an image of “ideal couple” came into my mind. Since marriage is taken as one of the most important decisions in life, everyone wants to get loving, caring, and honest life partner. In every culture marriage is taken as a sacred thread that binds two hearts and souls together forever. If marriage is the reason for some people to be happy then it can be the cause of tears for others. So having mutual understanding, love, trust, care, and most important respect are must for long lasting marriage.
I think whatever the poet has said in this poem for the married couples, it is not possible to do them all in practical life. Though the advices given by Gibran are very important to be considered for happy conjugal life, following every of those suggestions is not that easy and practical in my assumption. We people are very sensitive regarding love and relations. However, living our lives in such a pure and dignified love is really impossible. Love may be true, feelings may be true but time and circumstances greatly affect the relation and bring lots of changes in people. The way poet has described love and relation in this poem is very romantic and can be imagined in only dream from my point of view.
Loving each other, but staying in distances, enjoying together, but letting each other to be lonely is something that happen only in fairy tale, movies or dramas. I guess there is no one in this world who would like to be in distance and be alone without the one they love. It is really difficult because I think everyone is possessive about their love which is the main reason for getting hurt in any relationship. Jealousy, anger, attitude, and doubt always arise in relation which further result into betrayal and heart breaks. Despite loving someone and wanting to be with someone, sometimes circumstances compel people to be alone and to let go of the people whom we love. I can feel what Gibran has mentioned in his poem, but being practical won’t allow me to be such amiable. Instead, I want no distance in between me and my beloved.

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