Once in a Lifetime

Can you remember anything memorable that happened once in your lifetime so far? Life is not as predictable as we assume it to be. We meet many kinds of people who come into our life just for a reason or for a season, but only few have the ability to leave footprints in our heart.  

I met you when I was in the high school. You were thin, tall, and beautiful. I encountered you during the first day of my high school. You were standing near the door waiting for a friend. At first, you seemed just like a normal friend to me. Since your cousin was in my room, you frequently used to visit my room. As time went by, you became much closer to me than you did with your cousin sister. Soon after, you adopted me as your sister. Each day we became very close and we treated each other like real siblings. You told me your father do business and frequently visit Thailand and China and your mom is a housewife. You treated like your own sister and I felt very glad for being loved and cared by you. Even your dad and mom treated me like their own daughter. You were like my friend sister; a sister whom I could lean to when I have problems, and a friend who’s always there for me when I’m in trouble.

 Now you were to attend college and we will never be as close as we used to be before, but we promised to contact each other regularly. However, you didn’t keep the promise. I tried your cell several times but no one was answering it. Four months had passed and still there was no sign of you. I tried calling your home every once in a while but your mother would always say, “Oh she’s not here, but I’ll tell her you called” and I would be so depressed. Sometimes I just thought that you were avoiding my calls. But why I just wondered.

Later I came to know from your cousin that you were still in Calcutta undergoing medication. By then it was too late for me to see you. I came here in Bangladesh for my studies. Now after I came here, I regret.  I didn’t realize what I threw away until it was too late for me to get it back. Regrets, I have plenty. Memories, I have had millions. Smiles, I have had trillions, but having you as my sister is the best thing in my lifetime.

2 Responses to Once in a Lifetime

  1. dorjiom says:

    Denka, although i don’t have my own sister, i can understand and feel the profound love and care shared between you and your sister. Don’t feel remorse or sad; instead, grab your opportunity. I personally think that it’s not too late to initiate anything. Take your step forward and revitalize yourself. Don’t remain in the past, accept changes and find happiness within yourself. Try to find ways to contact with her. You can Denkar, all you need is will and faith. Trust your heart and follow it. Ask yourself what you really want? Talk with her parents. I think you can at least meet her on Skype or talk to her through cell phone. Remember something is better than nothing.

  2. ztandee says:

    Hello Denkar,
    I’m really sorry about what had happened to you. It can be a great ordeal when you lose a friend. But you still have a chance to set everything right, and i think you should go for it. Pick up your phone, dial that number, talk to her before it’s too late. Don’t wait for the last moment, make your move. Time won’t wait for you, you know. It’s up to you to make the changes. Do it or it would be too late. Life can be an intricate matter or whatever you want to call it, but if you have the people you love around you it can be “first-class.” Don’t regret because you still have the time and the chance. So, be the first to make a difference.

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