On Marriage

In every country and religion marriage is one of the most important and admired relationships. Through the poem “On Marriage” the poet Khalil Gibran has drawn an image of an ideal marriage. I really liked the way he has portrayed the relation that a husband and wife are supposed to share.  Although it is one of the most intimate relationships, it is also essential to give each other some space in order to make the marriage successful.

Almost in every relation it is very important to maintain some distance, doesn’t matter how close they are. It is also proved that too much intimacy in any relation always become the reason of bitterness. Therefore, the poet has tried to convey a message that even a couple also need to keep some space between them so that their bitterness would have some space to get washed away.

In a marriage, a husband and wife need to be each other’s support but not each other’s weakness. If they become the support of each other, it will help them in the long run. It will motivate them to become successful. However, if they become each other’s weakness, it’ll only give them pain and failure.

They should submit their heart to the hand of life because only life resemblance the existence of heart. As long as the heart is beating, life will support it with great care. On the other hand, if they submit their heart to each other, it might not give a good result in returns. There is always a chance for the heart to get broken, as the human life is unpredictable and there is always a chance to get departed.

They should share their happiness and joy with each other, so that they can give each other some good memories to remember. However, they should also keep some alone time so that they will have time to explore themselves; and thus, there won’t be any chance to lose one’s identity into other.

They need to stay close, but not so close that they together become one pillar for the foundation of their relationship as for any foundation there are at least two pillars are needed.

2 Responses to On Marriage

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hi Rokshana,
    Your response is really very interesting. I had not read Gibran’s “On marriage,” but after reading you essay, I got the main theme of the peom. I was amazed to know that the most initmate relationship required some distance to sustain. However, this kind of tips had also been discussed in Shabhanu-The Daughter of the Wind, when Phulan was bethrod of a old rich man. She was said that her marriage would be successful if she kept her secrets within herself. In my view, keeping secrets are also some kind of space that Gibran wants to convey to his readers. You have successfully shown the tips to make one’s marriage successful. Hope I will remember this when I get married to someone in the fututre..hehe..
    With love,

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