On Marriage: is it true?

             “Let there be spaces in your togetherness.” I wonder if this sentence, written by Khalid Gibran on the poem “On Marriage,” is really true. Marriage is a kind of relationships, and it is just like love between family members or friends. I don’t have any experience on marriage, but I know my feeling about love. When you love someone, won’t you have tendency to be with them all the time? Even if you and your dear people meet each other every day, you still want to talk, to share or just to be with them, don’t you? Doesn’t intimacy make a relationship stronger? What do you think if your friend doesn’t want to share a secret of her to you (Because it may hurt your feeling, she wants to hide it)? You will feel like you are betrayed because she doesn’t respect you, respect your friendship. If she told you sooner, it is easier for you to sympathize with her. I once had the same experience with my friend, so I learn a moral of relationship: Nothing to be hided. 

               A family as Helen describes shares all their happiness as well as sorrow. They help each other to overcome their problems, to solve their misunderstanding, and to forgive each other’s faults. Once you understand clearly what your companion like, hate, or think, won’t you have inclination to help him or her? Even though they sometimes have some disagreements, it makes their life more vigorous, doesn’t it?

              Let’s see Lena’s parents. There was always a space between them, which made their relationship farther. Lena’s father seemed not to understand his wife. He didn’t know what to do and how to comfort her when she was in grief due to the loss of their child. During their life, he didn’t know exactly what Ying Ying thought. Unless the distance had existed, what would have happened? If he had known that his wife had bad mentally-ill problems for her identity, he would have been able to prevent its subsequent result and not to let her “sink” deeper into her depress.

             Is the family of Helen with shouting every day or the family of Lena with no understanding better? Lena used to affirm that the next-door family, when she often listened to their shouting, is happier than her family. Therefore, I think: No space is better than spaces.



One Response to On Marriage: is it true?

  1. tausifa says:

    I am agreed with you, Thu. I think mutual understanding makes relationship stronger. If you hide anything from your husband, it indicates that you don’t trust him, so who is a life partner? A life partner is the person who will share your every secret, and helps you to remove your sorrows. In my own opinion, a person should not hide anything from his or her life partner. I should share my every feeling with my husband, and he should too.

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