Not Fate but What We Make

When I conceive of the word “fate”, one of my friends’ dialogue comes into my mind, “Not fate but what we make.” This is a saying that my friend repeats again and again. I like his quote, and I do think in the same way. If I had to rely on fate for things to happen, I would have never been able to do whatever I have done and become whoever I am until now. I personally think that if you do something vigorously,  the results turn out to be successful. It is not that you are lucky; instead, it is your hardwork that has been shown. In my point of view, luck is the only time when you don’t perform any uphill struggle, and you get a chance to enjoy the comfort for free. The people who win a lottery can be considered as lucky, but not the people who get a job in some reputed organizations. They are selected among the hundreds of employees because of the qualities they possess, requirements they fulfilled, and the interest they showed.

I understand that the concept of fate has been taught to us by our parents and grandparents since our childhood. As we also see in the chapter “Half and Half,” An-mei believes in fate, and she even wants her daughter to believe in it. I guess if Rose Hsu had been in China, the probability of her believing in the fate would have been higher. As she would be surrounded by many people who think whatever happens in life depends on  fate, then she would also think in the same way. Therefore, her mind would also be set according to Chinese culture. Furthermore, she would blame her fate, for whatever condition she was been facing then.

Sometimes, when people fail, they blame their fate and do nothing to correct their mistakes. It is not the way; fate doesn’t decide our happiness or sadness; it is we who will make the things to become possible. For me, fate is the only condition when we are lucky, and luck is not similar to fate. Individuals totally depending on fate for things to happen are sure to be demoralized by their failures. In conclusion, I think no one will achieve satisfying success if they consider themselves to be lucky without any hard work.

4 Responses to Not Fate but What We Make

  1. fmoriam says:

    I agree with you partially. Yes, we ourselves create our own fate. When people fail to get something, they blame their luck, but I believe that luck only favors us when we deserve what we want to get. We only deserve what we try our best to get. So, it is foolish of them who leaves everything on fate. In addition, when people achieve or accomplish something, they say that they are lucky enough to achieve that. Eventually, it’s their ability that makes them achieve something. It happens all the time with me. Whenever I fail to do something, my parents blame my fate and when I achieve something, they say, “See, how lucky you are!” Again, there are some exceptions as well. Suppose, soemone has tried his/her best to get something. He/she worked the hardest for that, but still he/she failed. What can we say in this case? In my opinion, it is 90% of us and only 10% of our fate. Defninely, we have to keep on trying to get what we want, then luck will favor us. If we fail instead of trying, then we must have faith in ourselves and the Almighty as well.

  2. aditi27 says:

    Thank you Anshu for making us aware of our hardships and struggles in life. Often tmes life is very confusing The ups and downs in life compels people to devise the notion of fate. I agree with you that it is because of their personal effort that peple aspire to kiss the joy of success. Those who want fate to drive their course and do nothig, get nothing. They wait and wait and wait their whole life for the fate to drive their course. No matter whatever the situation maybe, we should never give up our effort of trying and aspiring to get success. I believe luck favors those who favor themselves. So if you really believe that luck has something to do with your success and failure, then lure luck towards you with your tireless effort and wothy actions. Then see what you gain.

    • nusrat4 says:

      Anshu, you are right in some cases that it is not fate, it is we who make our way. However, sometimes i believe in fate. For example, i studied hard to pass in the admission test of medical college. My teachers believed that i will pass the exam, but i didn’t. On the other hand, i know some students who had not work hard but passed the exam. So, i think sometimes we need fate.Another example is passing in AUW admission test without any preparation. At first, i would think it’s luck that favored me. Afterwards, i though it’s me who once unconciously learned those topics related to the test. Hence, now i think, beside hard working, fate is also necessary to have a nice future.

  3. Masooma says:

    Dear Anshu,
    I think I agree with your friend’s idea. It is not fate who shapes our future; it is our belief in ourselves and our abilities that can make impossible dreams possible ones. Even if it is fate that brings misfortune to our life, like losing everything in an earthquake or flood, it is not the fate who decides what will happen the next, or how a human copes with such a situation. It’s merely our faith in our own power to bring change and improve the situation that can help us become what we want and live the life that we like. So, It is as your friend said and as you mentioned “Not fate but what we make.”

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