Myth of Adam and the devil

Adam, who was the first human being the god had made by soil. When the God made Adam with so much beauty, all the parts of his body were like ours, but there wasn’t any bellybutton. After making him, the God summoned all the angels and asked to pay homage to him. The angels were hesitating to do that because they were thinking themselves as superior. The God could understand their thoughts, and made a plan to make them understand that he had made Adam as the best creature of the universe. Then the God asked some questions to all the angels, but they could not answer the questions. Then he asked the same questions to Adam, and Adam answered all the questions. The angels were surprised seeing his intelligence and asked for pardon from the God as they misunderstood him and overestimated themselves. After that, all the angels bowed down before Adam to show their homage and obedience to the God except Azazil.  Azazil was an angel who was very obedient to the God and all the time he prayed to Him. The God liked him most for this and it made him so arrogant and proud. He refused to pay homage to Adam saying this, “I am the best angel and how can I bow down in front of a human who is not more qualified than me!?” Saying this he spat on Adam. The spit fell on the middle of the body. The god became very angry and cursed the angel. The angel turned into the Devil. When Azazil was an angel he was very handsome, and after turning into the Devil he became very ugly. After that the God ordered another angel to dig a hole to take out the spit. Then the angel dug a hole and that’s why we have a hole in our belly which we called bellybutton. With the spit mixed soil, the angel made a dog and that’s why the dog is considered as impure animal in Islam and it is very obedient to its master like its creator is. The devil was exiled from the heaven and swore that he would be dedicated to make all the human beings do the evil deeds. That’s why people do the evil deeds.

One Response to Myth of Adam and the devil

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hi Tasnia,
    Your essay is so knowledgeable about the past and the origin of human life. I had little knowledge about Adam and Eve, but this is so detailed that I got the clear idea regarding the life of Adam and his history. However, I am eager to know from where you took the information. I think, if you did some of the citation or if you had mention the text name , then your essay would be more strong and real. If you mention some refrence then it would be more helpful for the readers to go to the original text for detail understanding. Nevertheless, I got to know so many things about Adam and also about the Islam culture, which i always wanted to know. If possible, i would like to know more about your culture and religious beliefs since I had only Islam friends before coming to AUW.
    See ya”

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