My view on gods of “Iliad”

After reading the first nineteen pages of the epic poem “Iliad”, I couldn’t refrain myself from comparing those gods with humans today. Honestly saying, the characteristics of every god was just excruciating and terrible. Though they were gifted with power, they all were selfish and terrific. While comparing those gods with the humans today, first thing that came up in my mind was the view of male gods towards the female gods. Similar to the contemporary society, gender discrimination could be seen. The practice of taking women as only sex object seemed to be prevailing from the eras of gods and goddesses. Zeus, one of the gods, can be a perfect example of today’s men who play with the body and flesh of women. Not only Zeus but also Agamemnon’s crave for women as well seemed disgusting for me. How could someone take others’ girl to fulfill his hunger of body? And how could be women distributed as a share of men? What about the term “prize” which had been used to denote women? Were the women goods found in supermarkets?
The pathetic situation of gender discrimination made me indignant and sad as well. For the satisfaction of men, using women and sharing them as if they are object- not human is something I really hated about the characters of the poem. While going through this poem, another similarity between humans and gods that I happened to face was the ego. Though they were powerful, a sense of arrogance could be felt. They all thought that they were supreme to others. All had a kind of ego that they were better than others and all of them used to think nothing could be done without them.
Another thing that I found similar was the selfish nature. The line in which Achilles said that the goddesses should be obeyed so that they are useful when he needed them, directly showed how selfish nature did they have. They complied with others not for the sake of their people but for their own sake. Talking to the point, I found the gods and goddesses even worse than we humans today. I felt very happy that I am not from their period where female were considered nothing more than possessions and goods of men. I felt a kind of hatred for those male gods.


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