My response on “Two Kinds”

In the chapter “Two Kinds” of The Joy Luck Club, Jing-Mei’s mother always believed that her daughter was born a child prodigy. She made a lot of effort to make her daughter more talented than the other children. It’s because she wanted to compare her daughter among the other talented children of her friends. On the other hand, Jing-Mei was confused about her abilities. She wasn’t able to find if she was born talented or not. She had to do those things which she wasn’t interested in because of the force of her mother. Therefore, she learned piano only for her mother. As she didn’t show interest in the piano course, she didn’t even know that the two pieces of music that she had been learning for a long time were from the same song. It was due to the lack of her attention. If she had worked hard, she might not have felt embarrassed in front of the audience. However, it was beyond her interest, so she didn’t care what others would think when she would not be able to perform well in the concert.
When I read that chapter, I began to think about parents who always compare their children with that of the others. They don’t try to know what their children’s hidden qualities are and what their interests lie in. It is obvious that parents would want their children to become more talented than others, but the interests of parents do not coincide with that of their children’s due to the generation gap. Sometimes, it also depends on the attitude of the child, whether he wants to be judged by his parents or not. I have seen some people who dream to fulfill their parents’ wish. These types of people are supported by their parents in every part of their lives. On the other hand, I have also seen some people like Jing-Mei, who are not supported by their parents. For example, one of my friends is very good at playing guitar but very poor in his studies. He wanted to graduate in Music but unfortunately his parents, who think that he will have no future in Music, didn’t support him. As a result, he gave up his studies and now is abandoned by his parents.

In conclusion, it’s always better if there is understanding between the children and the parents. Parents must first think about their children’s interests and capabilities without coercing them into those things which are beyond their interests. In the same way, children should also try their best to make their parents understand their problems.


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