My Own Shadow

 The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a heart-touching poetry about a selfish boy and an altruist tree. The tree always gives the boy what he wants. When the boy was a child, the tree gave him apples to eat, and he used to play with the branches of the tree.  As the boys started to grow up, he wanted more and more. The tree gave him her apples to sell and earn money, branches to make a house, trunk to make a boat to enjoy his life, and finally the tree said him to sit on her remaining stamp when he grew older and wanted to take rest in a quiet place. The tree is really an epitome of selflessness. On the other hand, the boy is a symbol of selfishness. Every time he goes to the tree if he needs something to maintain his livelihood. He never thinks about the tree’s life; he thinks only how to survive his own life.

When I read this poem, I feel guilty myself. I am also like the selfish boy, and my father is like the giving tree. For my whole life, he is giving and giving me; he never expects anything from me. On the other hand, I never give him anything. I always demand my needs from him, and I express my sorrows to him. I never want to hear what his demand is, and never want to know if he has any sorrow or not. When I was a child, my father used to ride me on his back like a horse. As I’ve started to grow up, my needs are also increasing. I always want things from my father. I am so selfish that I never make a phone call to my father if I don’t have any need. When I need money to buy something, I give him missed calls. How selfish I am! I want money from my father to buy a gift for my friend, but I’ve never bought anything to give him on his birthday. I never go to see him when he suffers from fever, but he becomes anxious when I become ill. How selfish I am! I promised after reading The Giving Tree, I’ll take care of my parents when they will become older. I’ll never leave them when I will be self-dependent.

One Response to My Own Shadow

  1. Tausifa,
    I really appreciate your writing. Its very good and interesting. You always share your own life story with us. I agree with you that parents give every things to their children, but children don’t care about their needs. However, now, it is good that you understand their feelings and changed yourself. Same as you, I always understand my parents and wants to fulfill their dreams. My aim is to give happiness to them like you.

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