My Mother and Theirs

                 Reading the two chapters “Half and Half” and “Two Kinds” of The Joy Luck Club, I remembered my mother, who deeply trusted in our God. She used to teach me a lot of things about Him and His life. She believed that our God prepared everything for us. When our life passed smoothly, she said it was our rewards to believe in Him, like the mothers in the stories. However, she still believed in Him, even stronger, as there were some obstacles in her life. She explained that these were challenges He had made up to verify our loyalty. If we were able to overcome with our consistent faith, we would be bestowed greater gifts. I think Rose Hsu’s mother is similar to my mother because after Rose Hsu’s brother was lost, she still believed one day she can find him out, even though she never expressed it. Jing Mei’s mother and mine (and all of the mothers all the world), I think, always expect their children to have a good life. Nevertheless, their inclinations to teach their children are seemingly different. Both of them ask us to do the best as we can, but while her mother wants her to become what she expects, my mother will let me make decisions by myself. Though I like the way my mother teaches me, I don’t underestimate Jing Mei’s mother’s teaching. She is the one who understands her daughter clearly. She knows her daughter’s ability to play the piano that Jing Mei herself finds out later. Unfortunately, Jing Mei can’t realize this sooner, before her mother’s death. Throughout the two stories, the daughters often go against their mothers’ desires. Rose Hsu still gets married and decides to divorce without her mother’s permission, and Jing Mei refuses to play the piano in spite of her mother’s wish. Both of them never try their best to do anything like their mother said. They just selfishly think about themselves.

                 I felt myself so happy that I and my mother understand each other well. We know each other’s thought and belief. Our faith in our god is same. Not like Jing Mei and Rose Hsu, I know my mother always wants good things for me, and I appreciate that. We, of course, still have some disagreement, but we respect each other and together, find out the best way to fix our problems. 



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