My Giving Trees

            After watching the video of “Giving Tree”, I closed my eyes and compared my life with that boy. I found myself between two giving trees: one of whom is my father and another is my mother. I felt I was so lucky than that boy because the giving tree only give everything the boy demanded without judgment. Actually, my parents are my giving forest, but they always considered whether that thing is good or bad for me.

           First of all, if I thought my father as a tree, I could classify him a big banyan tree. He is the eldest and toughest person in my family. He is a very honest teacher who works in a small school in my village and leaves a simple life. Even though he is very tough in his laws, he has a big heart; he loves his daughters very much. Our family is a middle class one. Every month, my father faces hard time to bear our necessary things, but he never lets us feel the pain of poverty. Whatever we ask him to give us, he somehow manages those things and give them to us. One day at the end of the month while his salary was about to finish, I asked him to give me one thousand taka for my school picnic. All of my friends had already submitted their money other than me. That time I felt I would not be able to join the picnic, but my father gave me money to join the picnic just before the picnic day. I was so happy. A few days later, I heard that his shoes were gone for last 2 months, and he saved money to buy new shoes. Nevertheless, he didn’t buy them because he gave me his money to fulfill my enjoyment.

            Secondly, I can categorize my mother as a fruit bearing tree. She is well-mannered, soft and loving. She sacrifices her whole life for taking care of her daughters. In fact, she dropped her studies after my elder sister was born. Though she is polite she always punish us whenever we do something wrong, but never yield at us. She gives me the lesson of morality and teaches me how to differentiate between right or wrong. Actually she is my ideal and an inspiration for my future life. Finally, I want to say, I love my giving trees a lot.


About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

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