Mother’s wish

The story “Two kinds” by Jing Mei Woo reminded me my mother’s wish.

From my childhood, there was a strong wish of my mother was to see me as a successful singer. But unfortunately I had no interest in singing. Although I used to like to hear songs, I felt hesitation to sing. It seemed to me that I could not sing nicely like the singers. Actually, lack of confidence made me apart from singing, but my mother was totally determined that she would try her level best to plant the seed of singing in me. The most important thing to me that my mother’s voice was very sweet and nice to hear. She used to sing very well and I could not sleep without hearing her songs before sleeping. She had a great passion and fascination for singing from her childhood. The background of my mother’s family was not solvent. She could not get a chance to learn singing from any song masters because of poverty. That’s why she always wanted that her wish would be reflected through me, but it was a matter of regret that I could not try to understand her feelings. One day, she took me to a famous song teacher and introduced me and requested him so that I could be able to learn singing from my heart. The teacher was not so young and his thoughts and ideas were obsolete although his singing was tremendously impressive. Really speaking, I did not like the teacher and I would not give attention. Even I would miss the teacher’s class.

I felt very happy when I saw that my mother bought a harmonium for me. I used to try to play harmonium but I did not sing. It made my mother unhappy and she inspired me to give attention to sing. What was my problem? Why was I so inattentive in singing? –I could not love singing in spite of getting mother’s inspiration and guidance of my teacher, but my mother did not irritate me so much like Jing Mei’s mother

The deplorable occurrence in my life was my mother’s illness. Suddenly I heard of my mother’s throat infection. For her treatment, she had to go India and stay there for two and half months. She told me to keep up singing at the time of departure. At that time I deeply realized the importance of my mother’s desire. From that moment, I determined that I would learn singing properly. I missed my mother as well as her singing so much. I paid attention and practiced singing regularly every morning. I became more confident.

My mother became so delighted listening my songs after coming from India. Now I feel interesting and become more attentive in singing. My mother’s illness has changed me.

One Response to Mother’s wish

  1. vythai says:

    Papun. it is a very nice story. i appreciate your relationship with your mother. Actually, every mother wants her children to be the bests. we understand it, so let’s try not to make our mothers disappointed. let’s respect them with our heart.

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