Making Own Aim

            Why should parents through their decisions to their children? Parents can give them choice, but should not through their decisions. It is not good for mental growth of their children. They have their own choice what he or she want to be. After reading “Two Kinds”, I understand Jing-mei was forced by her mother. As a result, she could not learn anything. In that case, I feel how lucky am I. My parents gave me the chance to chose my future. Since my childhood I had a great affection for vocation of doctor. In my childhood days, when I played doctor-patient with my dolls, I usually acted as if I were a doctor. One of my uncles was doctor and he worked in a government hospital. I usually went to his hospital and I felt sad for those ill people who were suffering in the hospital. That time I could feel my real desire for helping those poor and ill people. However, my parents always thought me to help others specially distress people and I believe only a doctor can save human life, so that being a doctor is the best way to help people. Additionally, it was my Grandfather desire to see me as a doctor. So, I started  believing that my aim is to become a doctor. As far as I know my mother comes from a family where education doesn’t belongs for women because they believed girls were born only for taking care of her husband’s house. Though she could not continue her studies, she wanted me to do that. On the other hand, although my father got the chance to study medicine, he did not complete his studies whereas his brother did; so he wanted me to see as a doctor. I wanted to fulfill my parent’s desire. In order that, I started nurturing my dreams see me as a doctor.  In my dream I always thought I was wearing costumes of a doctor and giving treatment to the patients. Unfortunately, even though I tried hard, I could not acquire the chance to get myself admitted into the medical college. After listening my story, you may think that my desire for being a doctor is forced, but I tell you it isn’t. Actually my parents gave me the plot to make my choice and I choose my aim. In this way, I learn how to make my own decisions.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

One Response to Making Own Aim

  1. Dear iratahmid,
    It’s good to know that now you are old enough to make your own desicion. I can clearly see how supportive your parents are regarding you choosing your career. You are really a lucky girl. It would be better if you hadn’t given up your dreams and do what you wanted to do from the begining because it’s never late. It seems like you have given upon your dreams now. Anyway, talking about the post, it would be better if you could clarify a little what Jing Mei should have done to make her mother understand and how can see find her interest to make a career.

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