Iliad 1

After reading Iliad 1, I felt like gods and goddess are not different than human beings. They are not totally free from sinful activities in a sense as they too take part in wars that took away the life of other gods and goddesses including humans too. This story seemed to be started due to quarrel among three goddesses, Aphrodite, Athena and Hera in the process of establishing themselves as most gorgeous god in the world. The authority to take decision was given to god of gods and goddess Zeus, who denied making decision as her wife Hera was also one of the contestant. So, he recommended Paris, the prince of Troy. He announced Aphrodite as the most gorgeous woman as he was offered the most beautiful girl to be her wife, Helen who was already married to Menelaus of Sparta. This broke the war between Greeks and Trojans.
This shows that gods and goddesses are also not free from selfishness. They too want own self to be most famous person in the world. In addition to that, they had also a strong desire for women as human beings do. Similarly, gods too fight with each other in order to get desired women. In fact, they are also likely to be attracted towards women as human beings. In general, humans are only allowed to have a single wife, but in case of gods, they are allowed to have numerous wives. In fact, one is honored as wife and rest of others as concubines. Similarly, goddesses are not seemed to be different from gods and other humans. They too use their body to attract gods. They too lure gods during the wars so that they could help the opponent party to win the war.
We rarely see this side of gods and goddesses, but after visualizing this side of gods and goddesses, sometimes I feel like there are no such great things that we should worship them in our life as they seem to be as humans, just quite different as they are supposed to have more spiritual power and are supposed to help who follow them and harm who deny them. May be this is the reason why our ancestors have been worshipping them since ancient time.


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