God and Human.

So what do you believe? Are gods as same as human. Well we deem god as superior and powerful force. They are the divinity that we believe and worship. However, after reading the epic poem “Iliad” by Homer, I am convinced our great supreme heroes are comparable to human or mortals. The gods in this poem are very powerful and yet they have characteristic like human beings. Now we regard god as strong, powerful, and very different from human. They have this supernatural power, which the mortals can only dream. They are the “gear” that controls everything. We never imagine that they would have human traits as well. In the poem “Iliad,” the poet has proficiently shown the similar characteristics of god and human. The lust, rage, jealousy, love, greed, and power are flawlessly described in the epic poem.
Zeus, the supreme ruler of Olympus, is shown as the symbol of love, lust, and what we call nowadays as “a flirt.” He has bore many children with goddess as well as with mortals. He seduces woman and easily are influenced by the beauty of a woman. He seduces woman by disguising himself, for example, he would alter himself into a beautiful swan. He is very similar to the typical human male characteristic. Male are attracted to beautiful woman, and in order to get the woman, a man would go to any extent like Zeus to achieve that woman. This is kind of amazing, not the flirting part of course, but the revelation of the characteristic of Zeus.
The anger of woman for not being beautiful is portrayed by the incident when Paris chooses Aphrodite as the “fairest one.” Hera and Athena are however, infuriated by Paris’s decision and decide to help the Achaeans annihilate the Trojans. At first when they visit Paris, prince of Troy, to decide and choose amongst the three who the “fairest” one is, they each bribe him secretly. The insensitive human behavior, taking the wrong way to persuade someone.
The image of greed, power, and selfishness are also vibrantly described in the poem. Achilles, the protagonist, is seen arguing with Agamemnon over a prize. Whenever a battle is won, the winner takes a woman as a prize of victory. When Agamemnon was asked to give up his woman, he feels his pride has been taken away and demands for another one. It is a very thoughtless argument if you look at it carefully; it is just like human fighting over little stuff, and not thinking clearly. This event has reflected the characteristic of human in god, brawling for pride and power.
The symbols and images are so vivid, the related characters we share can only amaze us. It is wonderful and shocking at the same time. Moreover, the adaptation of the poem in movie makes it even more fascinating. The movie Troy, an epic war film, has been made according to the epic poem “Iliad.”

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